Collection: Martin Yale

Martin Yale is ideal for professionals that are serious about the integrity of the work they produce. They manufacture a wide range of machines, including paper folding machines, paper cutters and trimmers, joggers, and other paper handling equipment.

Martin Yale Industries is a U.S. manufacturer that was founded in 1940 and has been providing superb security for your documents for over 68 years.

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Martin Yale is one of the industry leaders in office and mailroom equipment, and focuses on producing high quality machinery that is guaranteed to provide your business with the cost-effective, efficient and powerful performance that it requires Martin Yale also boasts their Intimus line of shredders such as the high security 702 SF shredder as well as their cross cut and strip cut models

Intimus is renowned for their "serious performance" and reliability  Martin Yale provides a wide range of data destruction machines, which can easily destroy everything from paper to CDs, DVDs, prescription bottles, and ID cards Martin Yale is also a leader in the manufacturing of office equipment such as paper folding machines, paper punchers, cutters, paper trimmers, document management products, and ergonomic computer accessories Whether your business is looking for a NSA-CSS Specification 02-01 high security shredder, an office shredder, or a folding machine with the ability to fold large stacks of paper in minutes, Martin Yale Industries’ products make completing your office tasks faster, easier, and more cost-efficient.