Collection: Fd7200 Inserter

The Formax FD 7200 Series Inserters offer productivity and massive capability. The 7200 models come equipped with Flex Feeders and accept up to 11 optional High Capacity Versatile Feeders. With amazing speed and user-friendly features, the 7200 processes up to 4,800 envelopes per hour.

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The high quality 15" color touchscreen interface takes minimal setup time, allows for unlimited programmable options, and automatically configures to the desired settings without need for mechanical adjustment The interactive display shows the remaining time until job completion, leaving the user time to perform other tasks while the machine is working Thanks to the high quality feeders, this top-loading machine can insert a variety of media, namely 50-page documents, coated and glossy booklets, and DVDs The 7200 is incredibly efficient and reliable, making it the perfect addition for any production company.