Collection: Fd7102 Inserters

The Formax 7102 and 7102XT Series Inserters take speed, versatility and productivity to a new level. Available in 3 standard configurations – the Formax 7102 Standard 1F, Standard 2F and Standard 3 and 3 high production configurations – the Formax 7102XT Standard 1F, Standard 2F, and Standard 3.

These industrial grade inserters are designed for high volume. The innovative modular design will accept up to 9 high capacity feeders with the 7102 and up to 17 feeders with the 7102XT.

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Both will accept optional Intelligent Feeders that are able to read 1 and 2 track OMR, 1D barcodes and 2D data matrix codes that can be located on the front, back or anywhere else on the document The 7102 and the 7102 XT series both come with a large 15” color touchscreen interface, a high speed / capacity Accumulator and Divert deck, custom cabinets with casters for mobility, and a High-Capacity 4-foot Output Conveyor that can be used straight on or placed at a 90 degree angle.

The 7102 / 7102XT is a highly customizable system that offers various feeder modules and output options Not sure which configuration is right for you? Call our inserter specialists for assistance in building a system that is designed to meet the needs your business.
*The FD 7102 / 7102XT inserters have been replaced by the FD 7104 series.