Collection: Shredder-Balers

There is no piece of equipment more efficient at destroying documents & materials in bulk than an industrial shredderThese mean pieces of machinery use massive cutting chambers to destroy huge loads of potential security breaches into paper scrap. Unlike some of our other heavy duty shredders, most Industrial shredders are outfitted with conveyor systems that makes feeding large loads as efficient as possible.

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The large and gnarly cutting heads are strong enough to churn through tough materials like notebooks, cardboard and binders that would otherwise choke smaller models There are even special models that allow for the shredding of hard drives! The high capacity and ultra strong cutting shafts make industrial shredders ideal for custom applications.

Industrial paper shredders and balers tackle the difficult task of getting rid of bulky items quickly, efficiently and securely These high-powered models take more than 100 pages that are loose, in binders, folders or hardbound, and turn them into measly pieces of paper Certain models come equipped with an attached baler, which instantly turns those strips of paper into a compressed and condensed block for easy disposal.

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