Collection: Formax Fd 7500 Folder Inserters

The Formax FD 7500 Series Folder / Inserters pick up where the FD 7200 Series leave off with increased flexibility, efficiency and productivity. It has a modular design that can take up to 11 feed stations as well as high-capacity feeders, and a widescreen color touchscreen interface that uses a photo-image of the inserter itself. Add to that an impressive folding system that can handle up to 8 sheets at a time and you get an inserter that can process 6,000 envelopes per hour and will produce 300,000 finished pieces per month.

The FD 7500 is available in 6 different configurations, all 6 models feature a Tower Feeder that uses twin scanners to read codes either face up or face down.

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All 6 versions also come with a 4-foot outfeed conveyor that can be positioned in-line or at a 900 angle, an accumulator / divert deck that can hold up to 300 sheets and sturdy, custom designed cabinets for storage  Optional intelligent and non-intelligent feeders than can handle a wide variety of media, including glossy booklets, DVDs and small inserts are also available.