Collection: Supplies & Parts for Paper Cutters

Getting the best out of your paper cutter means ensuring you have the right parts. Our extensive range of supplies and parts for paper cutters covers a range of makes and models from Challenge and Martin Yale to MBM and Whitaker Brothers.

You’ll find cutting knives, sticks, and lubricant in this section, so shop today to find the best parts for your paper trimmer.

Paper cutter parts for your office equipment

If you need a replacement cutting stick for your guillotine, you’ll find a range to choose from.

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Available in multipacks, you can get enough cutting sticks to last a long time Each stick typically comes with 8 cutting sides to provide a precision cut

No matter the equipment you have, we have the replacement sticks you need Shop the Triumph cutting sticks to find the right stick for the model of MBM Ideal cutter you own.

Paper cutting knives are relatively straightforward to replace, making it important for businesses to get spares for their equipment Replacing the blade will ensure that you always get a clean cut and prevent blunt edges when slicing through paper

If you want to maintain a professional appearance with all of your paperwork, replacing the blade is essential Our paper cutting blade replacements start from just $150, making it easy for you to maintain your office equipment.

Extending the life of the equipment in your office is important, as this will prevent your business from spending money on unnecessary replacements of equipment Lubricants and oils will help to ensure your blades last longer and provide the precision cut you have come to expect each time With prices from $10, it’ll save you money in the long run.

Cutter replacement parts available now

As industry leaders in high-security destruction equipment, we here at Whitaker Brothers want to make sure your business gets the vital parts and supplies you need Recognized globally and working with both commercial and governmental organizations, we use our 75+ years of experience to deliver vital solutions.

Trying to find the right replacement part for your paper cutter can be challenging, especially with so many choices available This is where the Whitaker Brothers knife finder comes in This service will help you find the right parts and supplies for your equipment, including sticks and knives for your paper cutter Simply select the brand of machine you are operating and the model to see all of the relevant parts you can buy today.

Maintaining your equipment is essential to ensure that your business continues to deliver the high-quality products and services your customers have come to expect Why not arrange a service contract with us? We will give you a unique quote and arrange to regularly check and maintain your equipment to prevent any potential snags.


Why should you replace the blade on a paper cutter?

The blade on a paper cutter will become dull over time, much in the same way that kitchen knives do Sharpening the blade can ensure you get a clean and precise cut each time, but businesses may find it easier to simply replace the blade entirely This ensures an effective cut.

What is the difference between a paper trimmer and a paper cutter?

Paper trimmers are best for smaller volumes of paper, cutting paper with a gliding action They can be used to cut through roughly 3 pieces of paper at a time Paper cutters instead use a sharp lever to slice through large volumes of paper at once They are also known as guillotine paper cutters and can slice through up to 50 pieces of paper.

Why is the blade on the paper trimmer loose?

If you have noticed that the blade on your paper trimmer seems loose, it may be a sign that the pins holding the blade in place have become worn In these situations, it is best to replace the pins.

Why should you lubricate paper cutter blades?

Lubricating the paper cutting blade will ensure a clean cut by assisting with the cutting action It will also extend the life of the blade, meaning that you will not need to replace the blade as often.

What are the benefits of using a paper cutter?

Paper cutters are excellent choices for businesses requiring large volumes of cutting They provide a clean finish each time, delivering consistent results no matter the number of pages being cut If your organization requires a professional finish, this is the ideal solution.