Collection: Fd6404 Inserters

"float:="" right;="" padding:="" 20px;="" margin-top:="" -20px;"="" <="" iframe=""> The FD 6404 is Formax's newest line of folder inserters . These machines feature the latest technology and have the ability to process up to 4,000 pieces per hour, with a duty cycle of 60,000 pieces a month. The FD 6404 lineup is fully programmable and offers many different model configurations as to meet every possible folding/inserting need.
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These new folder inserters offer the best performance and are surprisingly simple to operate, even with all of their features It is easy to program your operations into the machine, and once they are stored, the 6404's AutoSet function will automatically apply them to a variety of paper sizes and weight by sensing the paper in the feeder This eliminates the need for the user to manually enter the paper specifications, saving you time and increasing the already astounding efficiency of the 6404 Some of the optional features of the 6404 line include the High Capacity Vertical Stacker, the Optical Mark Recognition, Barcode Recognition, and MailDoc Document Management Software *The 6404 Series has been replaced by the 6406 Series, click here for more information.

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