Collection: Shredder Oil and Shredder Bags

Whitaker Brothers specialize in the selling and servicing of government-grade security solutions, as well as all of the associated accessories. This includes oil for shredders and shredder bags.

Your shredder should be maintained regularly to guarantee optimal functioning. Doing so regularly will ensure that your device functions smoothly by removing any dust, debris, and residue.

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This will prevent the shredder from jamming and ensure that the cutting heads remain sharp Extend the life of your shredder and keep it running at maximum performance with our premium quality shredder oils. 


Shredder Accessories: Oil for Shredders & Shredder Bags

As they slow down, over time, paper shredders can lose their efficiency To keep your shredder in excellent operating order, you must lubricate it This is especially important for cross-cut shredders, which shred paper into considerably smaller fragments and are thus slower than strip-cutters

Paper shredders that are not oiled regularly shred paper at a significantly slower pace By regularly lubricating the blades with official oil, you can extend the life of your shredder and save time when shredding Oiling can also help prevent unpleasant sounds that shredders can produce when they become jammed with paper or dust.

Our custom blended shredder oil is made from petroleum and is suitable for use in commercial and business paper shredders It is available in gallon containers and is designed to be used with automatic oiling systems We also stock shredder oil in pint bottles for shredders without automated oilers.

Our shredder oil is not only a cost-effective choice for businesses, it is also designed for ease of use Invest in your shredder’s maintenance and prolong its life with our premium shredder oil.


High-quality Shredding Oil for Your Business

Whitaker Brothers, which was formed in 1945, is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of high-security destruction equipment and related office supplies With more than 75 years of expertise in the industry, we are committed to ensuring that your shredders, and ultimately your business, operate as efficiently as possible That is why we stock only the highest-quality shredder oil available. 

Here at Whitaker Brothers, we offer expert advice, repairs, product customization, and warranty support Our service facility is open to all of your needs Simply fill out the form and we will promptly be in touch You can also call us at (800) 243-9226 to speak with a product specialist. 

Whether you need help selecting the right shredder oil or shredder bags for your purposes or simply have questions about any of our products or services, our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you Contact us today with your questions and benefit from our decades of experience in the field.


Why is oiling a paper shredder important?

Shredder oil is a type of lubricant that is used to sharpen and lubricate a shredder's cutting blades Since paper dust and other waste accumulate inside the cutting assembly, paper shredders require shredder oil to function properly Over time, this residue can clump together and cause sheets to stick to the blades The oil, however, softens compressed dust and prevents sticky residue from building up in the cutter head, allowing the paper to run smoothly through it. 

More oil is required for smaller pieces of paper Cross-cut and strip-cut shredders, therefore, need less maintenance than micro-cut shredders As a result, high-security devices necessitate a significant amount of oil to operate efficiently.


What is the best way to lubricate a paper shredder?

You can oil your shredder using one of two methods The first method involves directly pouring the oil into the shredder's mouth and cutting heads To ensure complete coverage, apply the oil from one side of the shredder opening to the other The machine should then be reversed to allow the oil to reach all regions of the cutting heads To get rid of any residual oil, shred a couple of pieces of paper Alternatively, evenly spread a small amount of oil onto a sheet of paper, ensuring that it covers the whole sheet Feed it through the shredder and then reverse it for a few seconds Shred a few sheets of paper to remove excess oil.


Can WD-40 be used as paper shredder oil?

No, WD-40 and any other general oil should not be used to lubricate your shredder Always use shredder oil; if you use something other than shredder oil, your machine's performance will suffer, and your shredder's guarantee will be voided. 

Be sure to never lubricate your shredder using aerosol oils These lubricants pose a significant fire risk. 

Consult your shredder's user manual to see which oil the manufacturer recommends.


How often should I oil my paper shredder?

Shredders with a higher level of security, such as cross-cut shredders, require more maintenance than strip-cut shredders While the frequency with which you should oil your shredder depends on the type of material being shredded, it is a good idea to do so every time the waste bag is emptied You can also check the instructions contained within your shredder’s user manual. 


Why are shredder bags necessary?

With paper shredders, shredded paper is collected in a specific compartment When the compartment is full, it must be emptied before it can be used again While the wastebasket can be emptied into the garbage, small paper particles and dust may still end up on the floor To remedy this, shredders can be lined with shredder bags, which can then be sealed and thrown away once they are full.