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Contaminated mail poses a significant risk to businesses, especially those that rely on incoming mail. A mail isolation system can provide employees with the ability to contain mail and parcels securely, keeping your team safe, while preventing the costly loss of productivity. Shop the range of mail handling isolation systems today starting under $5,000.

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Contaminated mail isolation systems for suspicious items

Safety and security are of the utmost importance for many businesses, especially those at risk of a possible terrorist or criminal attack via incoming mail. Mail isolation systems are used to contain potentially hazardous or dangerous mail so that it can be safely removed from the workplace and tested.

One of the most popular mail isolation systems is the Powdersafe PS 400-2 Contaminated Mail Isolation System. Starting at $4,999 with free ground shipping within the contiguous United States, this product will give your team the security they deserve. It does not require power to operate, thanks to the simple locking mechanism, and the isolation chamber is certified gastight.

Mail handling isolation systems work by containing the contaminated mail. With internal letter openers and recessed blades inside the chamber, mail can be opened safely. The chamber also allows authorities to insert probes to sample contents without opening the chamber.

Many of the contaminated mail isolation systems are designed to be compact, with most models roughly glovebox size. This makes them ideal for the office and transporting to a place of testing.

Keep your team safe with mail containment systems and more

At Whitaker Brothers, we have over 75 years of industry expertise to share with you. Having worked with commercial and government contracts, we know how important it is to keep your team safe and secure. Products such as mail isolation systems can contain suspicious mail for safe testing off-site, while also preserving evidence for investigators.

If you have questions about whether the contaminated mail isolation system is right for you, our team is here to help. Call (800) 243-9226 or submit a contact form to discuss your needs, and find out if this is the best method for you to securely open and contain suspicious letters and mail.

We stock an extensive range of mailroom equipment, from automatic letter openers to printers and more. No matter what products you are looking for, we can help. Shop our collection to find the best equipment for your organization.

Our price match guarantee means that we will not be beaten on price. If you find a  mail isolation system available from a verified domestic United States seller for a better price, we will match it.


What is a mail isolation system?

A mail isolation system is a contained box used to secure suspicious mail and letters in your organization. The system can easily be incorporated into the routine of opening office mail, and letters can be placed inside and opened without placing your team at risk. The system will then isolate any harmful materials, and the box itself can then be sent away for testing and investigation.

Why might a business need a mail containment system?

Mail containment systems can easily be integrated into your current mailing system to keep your team safe. If your office or agency is at risk of a criminal attack or a possible terrorist threat, a mail containment system can give your team the peace of mind they deserve while minimizing risks.