Collection: Degaussers

Did you know that it’s nearly impossible to actually remove information from a hard drive? Degaussers make it possible to destroy data with the use of a concentrated magnetic field. Whitaker Brothers offers competitive pricing on degaussers from top brands such as Datastroyer. When you delete a file from your computer, it still exists.

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More importantly, it’s still forensically recoverable But don’t go outside and smash your hard drive with a hammer – because even that’s not secure When the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated while reentering the earth’s atmosphere, the hard drive plummeted to the earth in the form of a fireball traveling at terminal velocity and landed in a swamp It sat exposed to rocket fuel and other chemicals waiting for a recovery team to pick it up Nearly 100% of the data that was on that hard drive was reconstructed As you can see, physical destruction means little in the world of hard drives.

Hard drives store information magnetically on a spinning platter about 30% smaller than a CD They also keep small amounts of data stored within RAM (Random Access Memory) chips found elsewhere in the casing The only method of completely eliminating that information is to blast the hard drive with a magnetic field The machines that do this are called Degaussers Whitaker Brothers offers not only extremely stringent NSA approved top secret degaussing solutions, but also degaussing systems that are perfect for use in any commercial business Whether you have hard drives, cell phones, flash memory, or any sort of magnetic storage device with sensitive information on it – we have a product to fit your needs.