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Martin Yale produces state-of-the-art high-grade security shredders within North America. Martin Yale Industries is a U.S. manufacturer founded in 1940, and has been providing excellent security equipment for your documents for over 68 years.

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Quality Industrial Shredders From Martin Yale

Whitaker Brothers is an industry leader in premium security destruction equipment. As industry experts in commercial-quality and government-level destruction, we stock high-grade shredders from Martin Yale, which has a reputation for its professional delivery of high-grade security shredders within the U.S. 

Choosing Martin Yale’s security paper shredders can benefit your business since the brand has over 68 years of experience in security shredding, and ensures that any sensitive information can be completely destroyed with its products. Organizations that process documents containing security information can utilize our high-level security shredders to ensure absolute confidentiality. With products such as the Martin Yale 400 Paper Jogger starting at $524, we offer branded shredders and office equipment at an affordable price. 

Premier Paper Accessories From Paper Folders To Joggers 

Our business offers a wide variety of data destruction equipment, ranging from CD destroyers to NSA-listed degaussers. As industry leaders, we offer the highest quality range of destruction equipment that exceeds the minimum expectations of organizations requiring security shredders. 

Categorical products such as shredder bags, oils, and knives are also offered to ensure full data destruction for any sensitive information your organization might want to destroy. Explore our range of products to find out more. 


What is the quality like for Martin Yale shredders?

Martin Yale is one of the leading suppliers of superb security shredders for sensitive documents. Their experience expands over 68 years, meaning that their experience in office and mailroom equipment is high-quality and vast. 

Where are Martin Yale shredders made? 

While Martin Yale shredders are made in Germany, the company has international headquarters in the U.S. Their products extend to network representatives throughout Europe and Asia, allowing Martin Yale to have a worldwide presence. 

Do Martin Yale products last long? 

Martin Yale products such as their shredders and mailroom equipment tend to last quite long (with an average of 36 months) if used frequently. 

Why should you consider Martin Yale shredders? 

Martin Yale shredders are designed to ensure effective data destruction. This means that the machines provided by Martin Yale are able to last long periods of time while allowing efficient document destruction. They are reliable, high-quality, and compact machines that are fit for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. 

The company offers high-quality office machinery that provides your organization with the cost-effective, efficient, and powerful performance it needs.