Collection: Datastroyer By Whitaker Brothers

Datastroyer® Paper Shredders, Disintegrators, & Multi-Media Shredders

At Whitaker Brothers, we value your security. That is why we built the line of Datastroyer machines. All of our Datastroyers have been built with high security applications in mind, giving you the best selection of shredders and disintegrators available.

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We have perfected these products to meet the most strict quality standards Our Datastroyer line of products include paper shredders, disintegrators, and media destruction devices.

Built with the Datastroyer Seal of Quality, our paper shredders have been tested for the highest level of durability and have been tested to by the NSA to meet or exceed all levels of classified paper destruction requirements Our shredders come in models fit for home or office use.

Our Datastroyer Disintegrators have leading data destruction equipment technology built into each machine These disintegrators can accommodate any of your needs including paperm DVD, CD thumb drive, memory cards, cell phones, hard drives and much more.

No matter what you need to destroy, Datastroyer has the right machine for you.