Collection: Fellowes Shredder Oil Shredder Bags

In order to maintain the high shredding output of Fellows products, it is crucial to keep cross cut and especially high security shredders well oiled. Similar to oiling a car, applying oil to a shredder enhances the lifetime of the machine. With a well oiled shredder, cutting cylinders will operate with ease, shredding quickly and effortlessly.
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As well, oil eliminates the buildup of paper and paper dust, which can cause squeaks while the shredder is operating An un-oiled shredder is prone to paper jams and has a limited lifespan as well as a negated manufacturer’s warranty.  A well oiled shredder ensures that the machine will operate at peak condition, efficiently shredding important documents throughout its prolonged lifetime.
To keep the operation of Fellowes shredders operating at maximum capacity, custom designed shredder bags efficiently store shredded paper to keep the workplace clean and shredding operations smooth The easy to use bags are designed to fit perfectly within Fellowes shredders and are 100% recyclable With any easy to use dispenser, Fellowes shredding bags allow shredding operations to be quick and effortless