Collection: Business Card Cutters

Business Card Cutters make manufacturing your own business cards simple. They are perfect for use in small print shops, copy shops, and corporate environments.

Our Business Card Cutters are suitable for a wide range of businesses, from small independent retailers to major multi-outlet operations in a variety of market sectors.

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Configurations include 12-up, 10-up, 8-up, and gutter cut.

Promote Your Brand with Premium Business Cards

Whitaker Brothers carry a large selection of Business Card Cutters, allowing you to design your own business cards Our card cutters vary from entry-level to automation equipment.

Simple in-house manufacturing of business cards can save time and money while making business card cutting quick and straightforward Our automated business card cutting machines can handle all of the standard card sizes, as well as various types of material In this digital print age, all of our business card-cutting machines provide high-performance cuts.

Our Business Card Cutters are all high-quality, just like the rest of our products, and can cut up to 300 cards each minute Some of our cutters have extras like a maintenance-free design, self-sharpening blades, and a guillotine cross-cutting blade These capabilities provide you with complete control over the business card creation process Contact us right away if you have any questions at (800) 243-9226.


Promote Your Brand with Premium Business Cards

Since 1945, we have shared our extensive experience with a wide range of organizations We have commercial and government contracts, allowing us to work with both small and large businesses all around the world Whitaker Brothers equipment is available in 115 countries, and we are proud of our reputation for providing high-quality solutions at competitive pricing We compare rates to ensure you get the best deal possible.

As industry leaders, we take pride in the services we provide In our Service Center, we provide everything from replacement parts to maintenance contracts to keep your equipment working smoothly Whitaker Brothers equipment is all factory-approved, so you can be certain that it will last as long as you need it.

Whitaker Brothers intend to go green for the more environmentally conscious businesses We provide a number of environmentally friendly solutions, and when you contact Whitaker Brothers, you will speak with one of our professionals who will guide you in obtaining the necessary equipment your company requires Call us at (800) 243-9226 today for expert advice or to discuss the optimal maintenance and servicing plan for your business.


What is a business card?

A business card is a short piece of marketing material that offers vital information about a company, such as a logo, contact information, web address, and so on Because of their small size, company owners may easily distribute them through direct mail campaigns, trade events, exhibits, and corporate meetings.

What information should you put on your business card?

Whether you're establishing a side hustle or developing your brick-and-mortar firm, a business card is a tried-and-true marketing tool It is commonly the first encounter a buyer has with your brand, so it should contain relevant information in addition to positively portraying your company When considering developing a business card, be sure to include (if applicable) your logo, firm name, slogan, name and title, contact information, address, social media handles and any relevant QR code(s).

What should you put on the back of business cards?

If you don't use the back of your business cards, you're not making the most of your marketing efforts Including contact information in your card design is simply one component of producing a card that makes a genuine, long-lasting impact Without going overboard, it's usually a good idea to add a short summary of the services and/or goods your company provides

This list's objective is to offer clients a fast reference of the top goods your firm can supply for them Use this section to promote your work whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, artist, or anything creative Fill the area with a high-quality photograph, a mini work of art, or an eye-catching logo.