Collection: Cardboard Shredders

Industrial cardboard shredders are an environmentally responsible solution for repurposing and recycling corrugated cardboard boxes into flat netting, cushioned padding, and packaging chips

Cardboard box shredders are an excellent way to save money on packing, while also reducing costly cardboard disposal expenses and the amount of plastic in landfills. They are an excellent waste solution for shipment and storage environments. Transform cardboard boxes, sheets, and other materials into eco-friendly packaging filler, to employ a greener and more efficient business strategy.

High-Performance Cardboard Shredders for Paper, Packaging, and Corrugated Board Industries

Throughout the day, shipping departments accumulate a huge volume of cardboard, which is often discarded.

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Rather than wasting this valuable resource and money, businesses can repurpose this excess material for product packaging This can be achieved using cardboard shredders.

Cardboard shredders break down and perforate cardboard, resulting in shock-absorbent, flexible netting that is ideal for shipping fragile products Our cardboard perforators are compact, portable, and cost-effective equipment, and are used for turning cardboard waste into packaging material. 

Cardboard shredders can benefit warehouses, shipping departments, and dispatching areas, by transforming discarded cardboard into fresh packaging material They are an inexpensive way to reduce carbon footprint and demonstrate environmental responsibility Invest in a greener and more cost-effective business strategy today.

Recycle Waste Cardboard Boxes into Eco-Friendly Flexible Void Fill Packaging

Whitaker Brothers is a well-known distributor and manufacturer of high-security shredders in the U.S and across the world Our long-lasting shredders meet stringent regulatory requirements and are excellent for businesses that work with sensitive data. 

Unsure which cardboard shredder is best for you? Whitaker Brothers have over 75 years of industry experience and can offer you honest, reliable, and qualified advice For dependable support that you can trust, contact our skilled and professional team immediately.

Whitaker Brothers have received manufacturing certifications from over 30 different companies, which means we are well-equipped to assist you in replacing or repairing a shredder part Please visit our Service Center for further information or make an appointment with a technician, or call us at (800) 243-9226.

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Does cardboard break down faster than plastic?

Yes Cardboard decomposes significantly faster than plastic and can completely disintegrate in as little as two months Plastic, on the other hand, is projected to endure 400-1,000 years.

Can shredded cardboard substitute my current packing materials?

Yes Cardboard is an environmentally responsible alternative to polystyrene chips and other plastic packaging fillers It is a cost-effective and well-protective packaging material To preserve the environment, we often advise businesses to replace expensive and wasteful plastic bubble wrap, packing peanuts, kraft paper, and air pillows with perforated cardboard.

Can I shred cardboard with a standard paper shredder?

No Standard paper shredders are not designed to shred cardboard Doing so could cause irreversible damage to the shredder To prevent this, we advise investing in a heavy-duty cardboard shredder.

Can shredded cardboard be used for animal bedding?

Yes One of the most useful purposes of using shredded cardboard for pet bedding is its ability to absorb moisture Shredded cardboard is a healthier, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional animal bedding, such as wood shavings It is extremely popular in the equestrian, agricultural, game, and poultry industries.