Collection: Film & Key Tape, Microfiche, X-Ray and Other Film Destruction Equipment

If kept for a long time, film materials can deteriorate and lead to them becoming unsafeWhen it comes to destroying old plastic film material, it cannot be done with a regular shredder, and instead, requires a specialised shredder. Check out our list below, or call us at (800) 243-9226 with any questions.

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Our Datastroyers are built with this purpose in mind, are suitable for various plastic film materials including film & key tape, microfiche and x-ray film, and are fit for the highest levels of security, capable of destroying top secret information.

Destroying sensitive film material

At Whitaker Brothers, we understand the importance of destroying sensitive information, including various plastic film materials such as film & key tape, microfiche and x-ray film

As experts in data destruction, we know that regular shredders are not suitable for destroying plastic film, which is why we developed our line of Datastroyer products that are suitable for destroying said materials So whether it’s top secret information or old damaged film, you can permanently destroy it safely and securely. 

Whether you are a public entity with old deteriorated films, a medical facility getting rid of x-ray scans upon request or a privately owned company with old film stock, your method of destruction needs to be safe and secure, ensuring no hazardous or toxic fumes are released. 

Our range of Datastroyer products expands beyond plastic film and tapes, with our CD, DVD & Blu-ray disc destroyers allowing you to safely and securely continue your data destruction without worrying about sensitive information getting in the hands of the wrong person. 


Supporting you since 1945

Since 1945, we have been supporting the public and private sectors with NSA and GSA-listed data destruction equipment, helping public entities and businesses rid of their information in a safe and effective way Our information security experts are on-hand to provide you with advice and support for destroying sensitive information in line with NSA standards. 

Whether you’re a prospective or an existing customer, our Service Center is ready to provide you with the support you need, whether you need a spare part, require a technical repair, or need a Service Contract Contact us today to arrange a custom quote, or call us at (800) 243 9226, and one of our experts will be happy to assist.



Should you shred old film?

Yes As old film material can contain sensitive information such as medical details or images of faces, it is best practice to destroy it using a specialized shredder to avoid the release of private or confidential information It is not advisable to use a regular shredder as it can become damaged depending on thickness, material and quantity.


Is x-ray film hazardous?

X-ray film is classified as hazardous waste and does have the potential to cause a threat to humans X-rays contain traces of silver which can cause sickness if ingested Despite being hazardous, being made of plastic and silver materials means you can recycle them, however, it is advised to destroy them before recycling as they contain private patient information.


What film material can I recycle?

The majority of plastic film material is recyclable, including old film and key tape, x-ray film and microfiche X-ray film, despite being classified as hazardous, can be recycled as it mainly contains plastic and traces of silver Microfilm and microfiche are usually recyclable, however, it is designed to last 500 years so the only way to truly destroy the material is via professional incineration.