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The Challenge Machinery Company provides accurate, durable, and reliable print-finishing products. While Challenge products have the reputation of being suitable for traditional print processes and digital printing applications, the brand has also become synonymous with paper cutters. Prices start from under $40 for parts and supplies, and less than $600 for equipment, so shop the range of high-quality products below.

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Automatic and manual paper cutters from Challenge

Challenge offers manual, automatic, and semi-automatic paper cutters to suit your needs. From stand-alone Challenge guillotine paper cutters to in-line equipment, their products will easily integrate into your current operations and improve productivity. A paper cutter will significantly cut down the time your team spends trimming paper, and when combined with Whitaker Brothers paper folders, you can deliver a professional finish every single time.

For paper-heavy businesses, it can be challenging to sort and prepare paperwork. The Challenge joggers can help with this. Compact and easy to use, these machines can sort large stacks of paper into neat piles in minutes.s Many of the Challenge products are maintenance-free, ensuring that your team can continue to use the equipment without any delay.

Traditional print organizations such as printing shops, binderies, and offices need equipment like paper binders. This vital piece of equipment can transform paper into pads and more. Challenge uses a streamlined approach when constructing its products, and ensures that there are a minimal number of steps to complete a task, making this equipment easy to use. Your team won’t need time-intensive training on Challenge products, saving you valuable time and resources.

Choosing the Challenge equipment and accessories your office needs

At Whitaker Brothers, we know how important it is for your organization to have the most effective office equipment available. As industry leaders in high-security data destruction and office equipment, we use our extensive 75+ years of experience to help you find the best products for your business. You can find our equipment in 115 countries around the world.

Your journey with Whitaker Brothers doesn’t end when you make a purchase. Our Service Center will help you make the most of your new equipment. Our Service Center employees can offer spare and replacement parts, discuss a service contract, or arrange for a technician to repair broken equipment. We have factory certifications from over 30 manufacturers, and we are educated about our products. No matter what additional services you are looking for, we will help you find them.

We stock a variety of Challenge replacement parts and spares, so whether you need a new blade for your paper cutter, or you are looking for a paper drill part for your Challenge Model JF Paper Drill, we can help. Contact us today for further information by calling (800) 243-9226 or you can contact us here.


What is the difference between a paper cutter and a trimmer?

Paper trimmers are designed for use with small stacks of paper. The paper is placed under a guide, and then the blade slides along the paper, trimming it down to the size you want. Many paper cutters, on the other hand, are designed to work with larger quantities of paper, and have a guillotine to cut the paper.

How much do Challenge cutters cost?

Challenge cutters cost between $2,700 and $37,000. This price range allows you to choose an affordable piece of equipment for your office. From manual to automatic paper cutters, you’ll find a product from Challenge Machinery to suit your budget.

Which is better: manual or automatic paper cutters?

Manual paper cutters are best for organizations handling small loads of paper. They are cheaper to run, and give you greater control over the amount of pressure applied, making them ideal for delicate paper jobs. The disadvantage of manual cutters is that they carry a risk of human error. Automatic cutters eliminate this risk and are great for processing high volumes of paper. While an automatic or semi-automatic cutter can be a big investment, it will save you money, time, and resources in the long run.

How often should you sharpen or replace your paper cutter blade?

You should sharpen your paper cutter blades regularly, though the frequency depends on how often the machine is used. As a general rule of thumb, sharpening the blade every month or two will keep it sharp. For high-speed knives, you’ll want to replace the blade after 4,000 cuts.

How do you fix a broken Challenge cutter?

If you have found that your Challenge paper cutter isn’t functioning properly, you may need to sharpen the blade or clean the machinery. If this does not solve the problem, you should book a service call with one of our experienced technicians.