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Form bursters, also known as paper bursters, are machines designed to detach forms, separate perforated forms, and remove tractor feed edgesAt Whitaker Brothers, we know how important bursters are for improving productivity and speeding up operations by separating forms and documents quickly. With many top brands to choose from including Duplo and Formax, you’ll find competitive pricing below to make choosing the perfect paper burster for your office easy.

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Paper burster machines

Businesses heavily reliant on producing one-part continuous forms such as checks, invoices, coupons, gift certifications, or any perforated document will know that separating these forms by hand can take a lot of time It is a tedious and mundane task that can instead be automated, ensuring your team can concentrate on other areas of operation and speed up this time-consuming process.

Form bursters are the perfect way to save time and money by generating many forms in-house The bursters listed here give you the finish you desire, bursting perforated forms and the seams before stacking sequentially, with many machines stacking at speeds of up to 140 sheets per minute Prices start from over $5,000 for a high-quality cut sheet burster, ensuring that your business has access to the best products at a competitive price.

We stock a range of the most trusted brands in the industry Duplo is the only manufacturer dedicated to a complete production line for on-demand printing and finishing equipment, giving you an extensive number of products to choose from Formax is recognized as one of the top manufacturers in paper processing solutions, with equipment to suit all businesses from small offices to large government organizations Martin Yale combines high-quality products with professional integrity, and is recognized as one of the industry leaders in office and mailroom equipment Whatever type of paper burster you are looking for, you’ll find it here.


Choosing the form burster machine for your business

As industry leaders in the delivery of high-security data destruction and office equipment, we here at Whitaker Brothers are passionate about helping you find the right product We hold both commercial and government contracts, so we understand how business needs can change

With more than 75 years of experience, we are here to help you find the perfect paper burster Got questions? You can call our team on (800) 243 9226 to get the honest and professional advice you can trust.

We offer the full package to all of our clients Your journey with us doesn’t end when the delivery is made Instead, we offer full-service solutions customized to your needs In our service center, you will find spare parts to fix your machines or you can arrange a repair with one of our trusted engineers

Want to keep your new form burster working for as long as possible? We also have service contracts to keep your equipment in top working condition.

Whitaker Brothers have manufacturer warranties from over 30 manufacturers, so you know that your equipment is made to last Read more about the warranties to find the relevant warranty information for your chosen brand or to simply find out more.



What is a burster machine?

A burster is a vital piece of equipment for any office or business that produces one-part continuous forms such as checks, invoices, coupons, gift certificates, or any document that is perforated and needs to be separated.

How much does a paper burster cost?

Paper bursters can vary in price depending on the scale of the machine and the brand you have opted for Most high-quality paper bursters will start at over $5,000, giving your office the vital equipment it needs.

How much faster is a form burster?

Your team manually separating perforated edges from one another takes a lot of time, with even the fastest typically only able to produce 30 sheet separations at a time This could include mistakes Burster machines are designed to provide a clean finish each time quickly, with many capable of separating 140 sheets in a minute.

What can you use a form burster on?

Form bursters have a variety of uses Typically used in organizations where there is a heavy reliance on producing continuous forms, they can separate these forms with ease Examples include checks, coupons, gift certificates, invoices, and more perforated documents.