Collection: S Series

The S Series Screenless Granulators is among the latest addition to Cumberland’s the line of beside-the-press granulators. This granulator features screenless operation with no longs regrind. Primary and secondary blades provide a consistent grind, which flows more consistently into production and moves easily through the material handling system, molding with fewer rejects.

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With a smart and portable design, the S Series Screenless Granulator’s compact footprint provides compatibility with additional equipment and allows this granulator to fit into tight spaces Durable swivel casters allow relocation and repositioning throughout your production area Low cutting speeds give way to lower energy costs The S Granulator opens wide to expose the grinding chamber and blades for easy cleanout and color change In addition, interlocking front doors provide tool-free access for quick maintenance and service The S Series is equipped with two limit switches and an emergency shut off button, as well as an integrated thermostat to prevent the motor from overheating With three models to choose from, Cumberland’s S Series Screenless Granulators will provide years of dependable operation.