Collection: Shredders for Recycling and Bulk Reduction

Who says shredders can’t be Green? With our series of cardboard shredders, pierce and tear shredders, shaft shredders and shredders with balers, these items are sure to take your recycling to the next level. Shaft Shredders and Shredders with Balers are fantastic at bulk reduction. They’re generally very high capacity so you don’t need to be very concerned with jamming, and they really cut down on the amount of space that your product takes up.

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Regular paper shredders are not recommended for shredding cardboard, as they can’t take on large quantities (surface area or multiple sheets) of corrugated cardboard and can suffer dulled performance or even break down That’s why we have a series of cardboard shredders in a range of sizes to fit your needs Pierce and Tear Shredders can help you recycle a variety of materials, including textiles, paper, cardboard, plastics and more! Live Chat us or call us today to find the perfect shredder for your recycling needs.