Collection: Destroyit Paper Shredders

MBM customers know they can trust a Destroyit shredder because most customers that buy Destroyit shredders already own one. Destroyit is one of the few brands that offer shredders that regularly last over a decade. We regularly discover customers with Destroyit 2604 and 4002 series shredders that are this old or older! These shredders are as durable as they come and made for heavy duty commercial grade shredding.

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In today’s market of mass production of cheap plastic shredders, quality craftsmanship like what is found in these shredders is increasingly hard to come by Destroyit shredders are constructed from a specially hardened blocks of German grade steal This is one of MBM’s secrets to creating shredders that last for years When combined with the wooden cabinets, internal automatic oilers, and shred volume indicator lights, Destroyit shredders set the bar for high quality office shredders.

Destroyit business shredders are designed to meet and exceed users’ expectations in offices where only the high security shredder are acceptable Destroyit has models that meet and often exceed each security level that is defined under the DIN 32 757 international standard Destroyit shredders are created with the user in mind with their multifunction “easy switch”, Safety Protection System (SPS) that makes them among the safest shredders in the world and Energy Saving Mode (ESM) that activates a power saving “sleep” after one hour of inactivity.