Collection: Security Levels

To best dispose of sensitive or confidential documents, choose the appropriate shred level to protect information and abide by HIPAA/FACTA requirements. Each level is defined by different maximum surface area and width. These measurements describe varied levels of reconstructability, character distinguishability, and particle size.

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The more sensitive information that is documented (personal consumer or classified information), the higher the level of shredding Not everyone needs a high security shredder, but there are rules to what level shredder should destroy what document Information safety relies on proper disposal, so getting to know each shredder level is important in knowing which shredder level is for you Check out the different products we have for each security level below.

Lvl 6/P-7
Current NSA standard for high security

Lvl 5/P-6
The old NSA standard for high security

Lvl 4/P-5
Extra level of security for businesses

Lvl 4/P-4
Our largest selection of shredders

Lvl 3/P-3
Great entry-level cross cut

Lvl 2/P-2
Fast shredder productivity

Lvl 1/P-1
Ideal for large scale paper recycling