Collection: Currency Destruction Machines

Destroying old and damaged bills, as well as counterfeit currency, is a requirement worldwideIndustrial currency disintegrators and granulators reduce counterfeit and damaged currency so that it cannot be circulated. Shop our Datastroyer collection with our price match guarantee  that ensures we won’t be beaten on price.

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Currency disintegrators and granulators

Banknotes and coins must be taken out of circulation at the end of life, due to damage, or due to the discovery of counterfeit currency. It is a worldwide requirement to securely destroy currency once it has reached the end of its life or is found to be counterfeit. This prevents the currency from continuing to be used, and ensures that counterfeit banknotes are taken out of circulation completely.

Datastroyer is recognized as one of the leading brands in data destruction, and our collection  of office disintegrators for currency is ideal for any organization seeking to permanently remove currency from circulation. At their base level, these disintegrators process up to 100 lbs per hour, with a quiet operation (80-85 dBA) to prevent the machinery from disrupting your organization.

Looking for the most secure destruction method? NSA-listed disintegrators for mixed media have been NSA Evaluated to meet or exceed NSA requirements, ensuring the highest level of currency destruction. The most advanced model has a reputation for having a  throughput of 2200 lbs per hour, with an X-3 Evacuation System, and a 26” wide cutting chamber, making it easy to destroy currency.

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Why can’t businesses simply burn banknotes instead of disintegrating them?

It is prohibited to burn banknotes in the United States under 18 U.S.C. § 333: Mutilation of national bank obligations. It is important to properly and effectively destroy the data, which requires disintegration or granulation.

When should currency be destroyed?

Currency destruction should occur when old bills reach the end of their life, or when bills become too damaged to be recognized for what they are. Counterfeit currency should also be destroyed to prevent it from reentering circulation.

What is the price range for currency disintegrators?

Currency disintegrators typically cost more than other types of disintegrators, as they deliver a high-security level to prevent the currency from reentering circulation. Typically, this price range can start under $17,000 and reach over $96,000, depending on the make and model.