Collection: Cutting Sticks

Cutting sticks are an incredibly important part of the paper cutter and ensure that it works the way it should. Our cutting sticks are top quality, made from polyurethane, and are essential for aligning and correcting the paper stock with the blades for an accurate cut, all the way through the last sheet. With cutting sticks to fit every paper cutter model we sell, as well as easy to match model numbers, it is very simple to find the corresponding sticks for your cutter.
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In order to ensure that your sticks are doing their job, they require the maintenance of rotation and eventually replacement Both of these tasks can be done without the hassle of opening up the cutter, which makes the process much easier Unless specified otherwise, cutting sticks come in a pack of 12 It is always a good idea to have several extra on hand as replacements Proper rotation and replacement of the cutting sticks and prolong the life of your paper cutter.