Collection: Paper Shredders

At Whitaker Brothers, we have a variety of commercial-grade paper shredders to help you destroy confidential and sensitive documents. Our shredders are available in various degrees of security, ranging from Level 1/P-1 to Level 6/P-7 High Security. Whether you are seeking a robust device designed for high volumes and demanding environments, or something more lightweight for use at home, we have something for you.

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Paper Shredders for Government-Level Destruction Documents holding highly sensitive information, such as those held by the federal government or the military, must be permanently destroyed. For highly sensitive data protection, we recommend paper shredders with security Level P6 / P-7. These devices are NSA-approved for use at U.S. federal institutions and successfully destroy sensitive documents permanently. All of our shredders are quiet, user-friendly, and energy-efficient, thanks to features such as the Safety Protection System (SPS) and Energy Saving Mode (ESM). Our premium quality paper shredder range comes in several different styles, with a whole host of useful features and functions. We carry shredders from industry leaders such as Datastroyer, Formax, and MDM Ideal, as well as our own branded Whitaker Brothers shredde