Datastroyer 2605 SMC High Security Paper Shredder
Datastroyer 2605 SMC High Security Paper Shredder

Datastroyer 2605 SMC High Security Paper Shredder
Datastroyer 2605 SMC High Security Paper Shredder

MBM Destroyit 2605 SMC High Security Paper Shredder

  • SKU: MBM2605-0366
  • NSN: 7490-01-697-3352
  • Security: Level 6/P-7
  • Sheet Capacity: 13 sheets*
  • Throat: 10.25"
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Basic Specs of the MBM Destroyit 2605 SMC High Security Paper Shredder

  • Security Level: Level 6 / P-7
  • Shred Size: 0.8 mm x 5.0 mm
  • Throat Size: 10 14 inches
  • Sheet Capacity: Up to 13 sheets
  • Motor: 1.75 HP actual / 3.5 HP peak
  • Automatic Oiler: Yes

Features of the MBM Destroyit 2605 SMC High Security Paper Shredder

  • Package Deal- includes an automatic oiler (1 gallon capacity), 2 gallon case of oil, and case of 50 bags.
  • "SPS" Safety Protection System.
  • "ESM" Energy Saving Mode.
  • "ECC" Electronic Capacity Control.
  • "Easy Switch" control element.
  • Automatic start / stop via photo cell.
  • Automatic reverse and power cut-off in case of paper jam.
  • Automatic power cut-off when the shred bag is full or when cabinet door is open.
  • Mounted on casters for portability.
  • TAA Compliant.

Video of the Destroyit 2605 SMC

Description of the Destroyit 2605 SMC Level 6/P-7 Shredder

The Destroyit 2605 SMC meets the highest possible security level so you can be sure that all of your sensitive documents are shredded properly. The DOD-approved super micro cut model has superior shredding capability, meeting the NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 for level 6/P-7 security. The paper shred size is 0.8 x 5.0 mm making it impossible to put back together.

Besides its excellent security, the 2605 SMC is also one of the safest shredders to use. It contains "SPS" (Safety Protection System) safety features, such as the transparent safety shield over the feed opening and automatic power cut-off when the shred bag gets full or the cabinet is opened, that guarantee the user will remain safe while operating the machine.

If you forget to turn off the shredder, the great "ESM" Energy Saving mode will turn the shredder off after one hour of inactivity. The “ECC” (Electronic Capacity Control indicator helps prevent jams by indicating capacity levels. The large multifunctional "Easy Switch" button shows you the shredder's operational status using built-in optics. Different colors and symbols will clearly display the current status of the 2605 SMC so the user will never be in the dark regarding the shredder's functioning. The shredder’s cabinet is mounted on casters that make it easily movable.

The quality construction of the 2605 SMC can be seen in its long-lasting gears that are protected by dust-proof housing and its double protection against overheating. For the security and durability offered, this Destroyit 2605 SMC shredder is well worth the money and perfect for office use. The “package” it is sold with will include an automatic oiler (1 gallon capacity), 2 gallon case of oil, and a case of 50 bags – everything needed to get started. The automatic oiler lubricates the cutting head during operation to ensure optimal performance at all times. Instead of manually oiling your machine, the auto oiler infuses your cutting head while your files are being destroyed, saving you an incredible amount of time.

The 2605 SMC high security paper shredder is a great piece of equipment in a world where protecting your identity and classified information is vital.

A Few Standout Features

solid steel cutting shafts Built in Safety FlapCapacity Indicator Automatic Oiler

Solid Steel Cutting Shafts provide lifelong shredding power. Crafted in the Balingen, Germany factory, these blades are composed of high grade, hardened steel and are equipped with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Built-in Safety Flap blocks users from getting unwanted items shredded. This could include ties, jewelry, hands or any other dangling objects.

Capacity Indicator shows users the sheet capacity levels in order to prevent jams. This patented feature is located above the easy switch.

Automatic Oiler comes standard with the cross cut and micro shred versions of this unit. This allows for optimal performance of the cutting shafts.

- Automatic Oiler
- 2 Gallon Case of Oil
- Case of 50 Shredder Bags

Manufacturer Name MBM
Throat Size/Feed Opening 10 1/4''
Shred Size 1/32'' x 3/16''
Oiler Fully Automatic
Security Level 6/P-7
Cut Type High Security
Sheet Capacity Up to 13 sheets*
NSA Evaluated Yes
Peak HP 3.5 HP**
Horsepower 1.75 HP
Disclosures Capacity varies with grain, size, quality & paper weight and sufficient power supply.
** Please use actual HP as a specification for determining value. Use of Peak HP is for comparison purposes only where other than Actual HP is used.
Continuous Motor Yes
Model # 2605
Product Weight 106 lbs.
Height 36 1/2''
Width 22 1/2''
Depth 18 1/2''
Voltage 115 Volts; other voltages available
Shipping Weight 123 lbs.
Shipping Length 25
Shipping Width 25
Shipping Height 13
Box 2 Shipping Length 23
Box 2 Shipping Width 22
Box 2 Shipping Height 34
Shipping Note Box 1: 25"L x 25"W x 13"H; Box 2: 23"L x 22"W x 34"H
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Q: We are a bureau that produces and personalizes credit/debit cards and need to reduce credit and debit cards down to .3mm particles or less.
A: High security paper shredders are made exclusively for paper. No staples, paperclips, CD's, DVD's, credit cards, or ID badges. Just paper. This isn't a weakness of this particular brand of paper shredder, but rather a weakness of all NSA approved high security shredders. The cutting heads are so finely manufactured that something as small as a paperclip can bend the teeth. As of the time of this writing there is not a single NSA approved level 6 paper shredder that can tolerate any sort of plastic or metal put into the paper throat. You can look into a Whitaker Brothers Destroyit disintegrator though. That is a single machine capable of reducing almost anything you put inside of it down to an NSA approved level 6 residue.