Collection: Destroyit Paper Shredders

Destroyit shredders have become a staple in many businesses over the years. Created by MBM, they have been a vital part of the industry over the last decade and continue to deliver exceptional shredding capabilities to those in need.

From commercial to heavy-duty shredding, MBM Destroyit paper shredders provide everything you need to safely and securely destroy sensitive information.

Strip-cut, cross-cut, and high-security paper shredders from Destroyit

All of the Destroyit paper shredders listed in this section are constructed from specially hardened blocks of German-grade steel.

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This ensures that the shredders last for many years, providing you with the high-quality office equipment your organization deserves The Safety Protection System (SPS) makes them some of the safest paper shredding machines in the world, helping to keep you and your team safe.

The Destroyit strip-cut shredders offer Level 2/P-2 level shredding, making it ideal for those who wish to shred letters into easily disposable sections These shredders will cut the paper into long strips, usually a quarter of an inch thick This makes it challenging for potential hackers and thieves to gain useful information from the paper Prices for these shredders start at $400 and are useful for shredding things like personnel files where any sensitive information has been removed.

For businesses seeking a higher level of security, Destroyit cross-cut paper shredders are a better choice Offering between Level 2/P-2 and High-Security Level 6/P-7 shredders, they will cut the paper into strips and then cut across to create smaller pieces

The higher the security requirements you have, the fewer pages can be shredded at once, so you’ll need to think carefully about how much paper your business needs to process to find a balance between security and speed that works for you If you find that you need high-security paper shredders from Destroyit, you’ll find exactly what you need here.


MBM Destroyit shredders available today

At Whitaker Brothers, we take information security seriously This is why we are proud to be world leaders in data destruction We offer an extensive range of products for commercial and government organizations, helping businesses in different industries protect their data and destroy sensitive information with ease Holding over 75 years of experience and boasting one of the most tenured teams in the United States, we can help your business find the perfect data destruction equipment for your needs.

We stock both GSA and NSA-listed products to ensure your organization gets the high-quality office equipment you need Shop the High-Security Level 6/P-7 Destroyit shredders today to find shredders capable of destroying highly sensitive national security documents and top secret information with ease.

Your journey with Whitaker Brothers doesn’t end when you make a purchase and receive your product Our service center has everything you need to keep your new data destruction equipment in top working condition You can find spare parts, arrange a repair, or discuss a service contract with us We’ll give you a bespoke quote and arrange for regular maintenance to keep your equipment delivering as expected.


What is the difference between strip-cut and cross-cut shredders?

Strip-cut shredders will slice the paper into long, thin strips, typically around a quarter of an inch thick Cross-cut shredders add an additional level of security as the blades will cut across the strips to make them smaller and more difficult to piece back together again.

Why are MBM Destroyit shredders so popular?

MBM Destroyit shredders are a staple in the world of data destruction Constructed from hardened German-grade steel, the blades are capable of effectively slicing through a variety of paper They also feature a Safety Protection System (SPS) which makes them some of the safest shredders on the market.

Should you use WD 40 on a paper shredder?

While WD 40 fixes many problems, it is not designed to be used as a shredder lubricant It causes the paper you are shredding to stick together, which can then jam the machine You should purchase shredder oil instead, as this has been specifically created to lubricate the machine and prevent pages from sticking.

What level of security shredder is required to destroy bank statements?

For items such as bank statements, experts recommend using a Level 3/P-4 shredder or higher This will ensure that the sensitive information enclosed in bank statements is effectively destroyed and cannot be used by potential thieves.

What level of security is provided by NSA shredders?

NSA-approved shredders require the highest level of security and data destruction Level 6/P-7 shredders achieve this, and are extremely useful for shredding sensitive documents such as national security documentation and top secret information Typically, these shredders are used by the NSA, CIA, and Department of Defense.