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Paitec has been recognized as a top manufacturer of some of America’s most advanced pressure seal machines. All of the standalone and in-line pressure seal systems from Paitec have been tested and certified to deliver the high-quality and dependable machines you need. If your business regularly works with statements, utility bills, invoices, paychecks, ID cards, and more, you’ll want to buy a Paitec pressure sealer today.

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Paitec pressure sealers for businesses

When investing in new equipment for your business, you want something dependable. This is where the Paitec pressure sealers come in. With prices starting from just over $4,000, you can order a desktop pressure sealer and folder within your office budget. While the Paitec machines are advanced technology, they are extremely easy to operate and capable of processing 5,000 forms per hour. With quiet functionality and sleek designs, it is exactly what your business needs to seal and fold documents.

If your organization needs to fold large quantities of paper, a Paitec folding machine is ideal. These efficient machines are an integrated part of many pressure sealers, giving you the multipurpose model you need. The heavy-duty cycle volumes make it easy for your team to streamline operations and ensure that time spent on menial tasks is minimized.

One key piece of equipment in many offices is a paper jogger. These machines are designed to take stacks of paper and align them for use in a variety of machines. This ensures that the paper is correctly lined up for use in a pressure sealer or paper folder, minimizing the risk of incorrect folds, as well as reducing static electricity within the stack of paper. A paper jogger is easy to use and saves space in the office for other vital paper handling and finishing equipment.

Arranging your Paitec pressure sealer repair

At Whitaker Brothers, we have over 75 years of experience helping organizations find the office equipment they need. From high-security shredders to Paitec pressure sealing machines, we have served organizations around the world, with our equipment found in more than 110 countries to date and on every continent.

Keeping your equipment in top condition is a priority for us, and your journey with Whitaker Brothers doesn’t end when you make a purchase. Our Service Center can help you find spare parts and arrange a service contract to maintain your equipment. Need to repair your Paitec pressure sealer? Put in your service call request and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to help you find the best solution.

With one of the most tenured teams in the industry, our dedicated staff of leading information security experts can help you find the best solution. No matter the problem your business is facing, we can help. Contact Whitaker Brothers today to discuss your needs and find a tailored solution. Want to speak to a representative? Call (800) 243-9226 today to get directly in touch.


Why is my Paitec machine running hot?

Paitec machines are rated for the recommended monthly volume the equipment can process. This recommended volume can be found in the machine’s brochure. Exceeding this volume can cause your machine to run hot or overheat. In those situations, experts suggest allowing the machine to cool completely and using reasonably-sized batches to prevent further problems.

What is a pressure sealer?

Pressure sealers, also known as pressure sealing machines, fold and seal paper with pressure. The paper sealed may have perforated edges to make it easy to get to the content of the forms, such as those seen on paystubs. This is an effective way to ensure the information is seen by the intended recipient.

My Paitec pressure sealer is jammed - how do I fix it?

If your pressure sealer is jammed, you’ll find details on resolving this in the operator manual you received with the machine. The process varies from machine to machine, but a general rule of thumb is to turn off the machine and use the Jam Removal Tool to move the seal rollers in the opposite direction of the jam to free the forms.

What do businesses use pressure sealers for?

Pressure sealers have a variety of uses. Businesses working with statements, utility bills, invoices, warning notices, paychecks, ID cards, grade reports, and other paper forms suitable for single-page self-mailing systems will find pressure-sealing machines useful.