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Creating professional documents that are bound together in a cost-effective manner has never been easier. Whitaker Brothers provides a range of padding presses and binders, suitable for holding multiple pages together. Typically used for creating high-quality business forms and prescription pads, you can help your business maintain a professional image.

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Padding presses and binders to help you present in the right way

At Whitaker Brothers, we understand the importance of maintaining a professional image, and having a pristine presentation of your customer-facing documents will help achieve this We work with some of the most trusted brands in the print-job space, stocking warranty-covered brands including Challenge, Duplo, Martin Yale and Standard, giving you confidence in your purchase.

Padding presses offer you an economical solution to presenting business information for both you and your customers Regardless of the size or page depth, padding presses can handle the job you need, making them ideal for small or large printing shops. 

Our binders can help you create all types including padding glue, perfect, notepad and tape, giving you free rein in how you present your business documents Binding machines allow you to bind over 140 books per hour, making them the ideal solution for commercial bookbinding.

We’re here to help

Our history dates back over 75 years, allowing us to become industry specialists and providers in NSA-approved high-security destruction equipment, alongside paper handling and finishing products This breadth of history enables us to not only understand the destruction of sensitive information, but also what is needed to enhance your business’ professional customer-facing image.

In addition to our padding press and binding equipment, we also stock a range of supporting supplies that will make your binding and padding easier including glue kits, padding brushes, padding knives and adhesives So, whether your supplies have run out or you want to stock up on extra materials, you can do just that.

If you have any issues with binding and paper pressing equipment, our expert team can give you the above and beyond support you need Whether your equipment is missing a piece, or you are in need of technical support and repair, our Service Center is here to help To talk to us today, be sure to get in contact at (800) 243 9226 and a member of our expert team will be happy to assist.



What is perfect binding?

Different from notepad, glue padding and tape, perfect binding is the type of bind that involves using adhesive to bound multiple pages together, creating a professionally printed product Examples of perfect binding include shopping catalogs and yellow pages It is not recommended to use perfect binding if the spine is less than 4mm or 5/32 of an inch.

What is a padding press?

Also known as a padding machine, a padding press allows you to seamlessly create paper and notepads of various sizes Using a padding glue or adhesive, it is applied to one side of the paper and can be cut down to your required measurements. 

What is padding glue?

Padding glue is an adhesive used when creating any tear-away style paper product including writing pads or checkbooks Most padding glues are non-toxic, however, if you are manufacturing something intended to be used, it is important to check prior to application whether or not the adhesive is non-toxic. 

What is padding compound used for?

Padding compound is an adhesive used when creating paper and notepads The adhesive is applied to the edge of the pages and subsequently held together using a padding press Once dried, the pages are easily removable and reusable for sticky-pad applications. 

What is tape binding?

Typically known and used as a DIY option to document binding, tape bidding uses thermoplastic glue-coated strips, sticking to the spine and cover to create a long-lasting and effective bind Whilst being a DIY solution to document binding, they remain durable throughout their life cycle, providing it is not damaged by outside influences.