Collection: Level 6/P-7 High Security Paper Shredders

Whitaker Brothers, the industry leader in high-security destructive equipment, offers a comprehensive line of shredders to assist organizations in the destruction of sensitive and confidential information. Many of our Level 6/P-7 shredders have undergone extensive testing by the NSA, to verify that they fulfill federal security regulations. Level 6/P-7 shredders are the very highest of data destruction/security for paper materials. Check out our list of Level 6/P-7 shredders below.

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    Security Level: Level 6/P-7
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    Throat Width: 9.4" Paper; 4.9" CDs
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High-Security Shredders for Federal Government Data Destruction

Having obtained extensive industry experience, Whitaker Brothers recognizes the need to securely destroy personal information. We deal with a wide range of industries, from commercial to military, and provide a selection of commercial shredders that are GSA-approved for shredding. Protect your business’s image by securely destroying critical and confidential paper documents.

Thanks to features like the Safety Protection System (SPS) and Energy Saving Mode, all of our shredders are quiet, user-friendly, and energy-efficient (ESM). Our high-quality paper shredders are available in a range of styles and include several useful features and functions. Shredders from industry leaders including MBM, HSM, Intimus, Datastroyer, and Formax, as well as our own branded Whitaker Brothers shredders, are available. 

Invest in commercial-grade government-level cross-cut shredders and high-security paper shredders today to ensure your business operates seamlessly.


NSA-approved Paper Shredders for Your Business

Whitaker Brothers is a renowned distributor and manufacturer of high-security paper shredders in the U.S. and abroad. Our durable shredders follow strict regulatory guidelines and are excellent for any organization dealing with highly sensitive data. Unsure which Level 6/P-7 paper shredder is best for your purposes? With over 75 years in the industry, we sell government-level data destruction devices from experience. This means that Whitaker Brothers is qualified to provide you with reliable, honest, and professional guidance. Contact our professional and skilled team today for the expert advice you can trust.

Whitaker Brothers have a dedicated and experienced team of specialists who are happy to answer any questions and ensure that your shredders are in good working order. We have been awarded factory certifications from over 30 manufacturers. This means we are well-equipped to assist you with replacing or repairing a shredder part. Please visit our Service Center for further information or to make an appointment with a technician.



What is a Level 6/P-7 shredder?

The seven levels of shredder security are P-1 through P-7. P-1 is the least secure, while P-7 is the most secure. The smaller the particles generated by the shredder, the higher the security level. Since most are NSA-approved for use at U.S. federal institutions and permanently destroy private data, paper shredders with the security level P-7 are the optimum shredders for extremely sensitive data protection. That is why confidential and top-secret materials for the U.S. government and military must be destroyed at the P-7 level of security.


Is a cross-cut or micro-cut shredder better for security?

Cross-cut shredders are classified at P-3 and P-4 security levels, making them less secure than micro-cut shredders, which are classified at P-5, P-6, and P-7 security levels. While micro-cut paper shredders are more expensive than cross-cut paper shredders, they offer the maximum level of protection, rendering them the best shredding solution for destroying government-level and sensitive documents. 


Why should I need to oil my shredder?

Shredder blades collect paper dust, which settles and compresses over time. Lubricating your shredder regularly reduces dust and sharpens its blades, making the cutting heads easier to operate. It's vital to oil your shredder regularly to preserve its health and extend its life. Failure to do so can result in excessive noise and obstruction.


What is the best way to unjam a paper shredder?

To begin, turn the shredder off and unplug it for safety reasons, and ensure that the waste bin is not full. If the machine remains jammed, remove the shredder's top to gain access to the blades. Remove the paper from the shredder head and the blades from the shredder's base. If required, carefully use a screwdriver to pull out small paper particles lodged within. Ensure that the shredder is operating properly before continuing to feed it with significant quantities of paper. To do this, simply feed a single sheet into the machine. If the machine continues to jam, lubricate it with a small amount of oil and follow the above steps again.

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This accreditation ensures that our industrial equipment can securely shred any classified and/or Top Secret documentation, rendering these machines a valuable asset for any business working with sensitive data With our top-grade high-security paper shredders, safely dispose of private and confidential information.