Formax FD 8732 High Security Combo Paper / CD & DVD Shredder

Formax FD 8732 High Security Combo Paper / CD & DVD Shredder

  • NSA/CSS EPL Listed
  • Meets high security requirements
  • Shreds paper, Blu-ray, CDs, DVDs
  • Separate feed/waste bins
  • Automatic Oiling System
  • LED Control Panel
  • Energy-saving ECO Mode

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High-Security Paper & Optical Media Destruction

The Formax FD 8732HS offers high-security paper shredding and optical media destruction in a single convenient, mobile unit. It meets the requirements of NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 for High Security Cross-Cut Paper Shredders and Specification 04-02 for Optical Media Destruction Devices. The FD 8732HS is listed on the July 2021 NSA/CSS EPL, and meets the 2018 requirements for particle size of 2mm x2mm for DVD and Blu-ray destruction.

The paper cutting head shreds paper down to 1mm x 5mm particles. It features AutoStart/Stop, Auto Reverse to clear the in-feed, a heavy duty molded plastic waste bin, and the EvenFlow™ Automatic Internal Oiling System that lubricates the paper cutting blades automatically for peak performance.

The dual-head optical media system reduces media into particle sizes of 2mm x 2mm or less, including all types of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. The optical media particles are contained in a separate waste bin for easy disposal.

Standard features include an easy-to-use LED control panel, geared chain-driven cutting heads, heavy-duty all-metal cabinet with casters, separate feed openings, and lifetime guaranteed waste bins. It also includes the EvenFlow™ Automatic Internal Oiling System that lubricates the cutting heads automatically during use.

The FD 8732HS is a rugged, user-friendly high-security solution to destroy both paper and optical media, ensuring top secret data remains top secret, and out of the wrong hands.

Standard Features:

Evaluated by NSA: Meets requirements of NSA/CSS specifications 02-01 and 04-02 for high security cross-cut paper shredders & optical media destruction devices

NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List: Optical media is reduced to 2mm x 2mm or less, meeting the 2018 NSA/CSS specification for DVD and Blu-ray disc destruction

Classified Destruction: Destroys documents and media, including those that are highly-classified, to security level P-7 (paper) and O-6 (optical media)

Dual Feed Openings: Individual feed openings for paper and optical media

Rugged All-in-One Unit: All-metal cabinet on heavy-duty casters for mobility LED Control Panel with Load Indicator: Provides machine status and helps operators avoid jams

Heavy-Duty Gearing: All-metal, chain driven gears drive the shredding blades Rugged Waste Bins: Lifetime guaranteed molded plastic waste bins, one for paper, one for media

Features - Paper Shredding:

User-Friendly Controls: LED control panel with illuminated indicators for standby, waste bin full, door open and paper jam

Steel Blades: Designed for years of reliable paper shredding

EvenFlowTM Automatic Oiling System: Lubricates the paper shredding blades for peak performance

Auto Start/Stop: Optical sensor detects paper and starts operation automatically

Integrated Auto Reverse: In case of a paper jam, built-in controls switch the motor into reverse to clear the cutting blades

Features - Optical Media Destruction:

Destroys a Wide Range of Optical Media: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, and Blu-ray discs Fine Particle Size: Even small fragments of DVDs and Blu-rays can contain large amounts of data, so the discs are shredded to dimensions of 2mm x 2mm or less. Safety Features: Door Safety Sensor: Shredder stops automatically if either cabinet door is opened Thermal Overload Protection: Shredder shuts down automatically if it becomes overheated

Specifications: Paper* Optical Media
Cutting Style: Cross Cut Cross Cut
Shred Size: 1mm x 5mm 2mm x 2mm or less
DIN 66399 Security Level: P-7 O-6
NSA Capacity Rating: High Volume High Volume
Feed Opening: 9.4” 4.9”
Bin Capacity: 28 gal. 21 gal.
Dimensions: 31” W x 26” D x 45” H (800 x 650 x 1135mm)
Weight: 530 lbs. (240kg)
Power Supply: 115V, 60 Hz
* Paper Shredder is designed ONLY for paper. No CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, credit cards, staples, or paper clips.