Collection: Heavy Duty Paper Shredders

Whitaker Brothers' high security heavy duty paper shredders are available at competitive Internet prices from top brands such as MBM. We offer NSA-approved heavy duty paper shredders security levels 2-4.These models are just short of industrial shredders. This category represents a hand picked list of our most durable and proven brands and models.
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The shredders you see on this page weigh in at well over 100 lbs each, and are made from the highest quality components and materials These shredders were built with continuous duty in mind Each  shredder model uses heat resistant technology to prevent motor burn out and extend the life of the shredder In fact, our technicians have discovered that these shredder motors are built so well, they tend to outlast the shredders themselves Another critical component in a heavy duty paper shredder is the cutting  head All the cutting heads on this list are made from specially hardened steel that is made to take years of abuse Brands like MBM Destroyit, Intimus, Datastroyer, and Fellowes are known for using this specially treated metal in their heavy duty shredders If a shredder isn't on this list, most likely there's a shredder that is on this list that outperforms, outlasts, and outclasses it Call us today to find out what shredder we would recommend for your destruction needs.