Collection: Heavy Duty Paper Shredders

Businesses processing a lot of data for destruction will want to choose a high-security heavy-duty paper shredder. These paper shredders are just short of industrial shredding, ensuring that they are capable of processing over 20 sheets of paper at a time while delivering a minimum of security Level 2/P-2 destruction. At Whitaker Brothers, we stock top brands and a range of NSA-approved shredders to give your business the data security you deserve.

Large heavy-duty paper shredding machines

For some businesses, data destruction is a vital part of operations.

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Your organization may need to constantly shred paperwork to protect sensitive information In those situations, an ordinary home shredder will not be up for the job Instead, you’ll want to opt for a large heavy-duty paper shredder These machines are designed with continuous operation in mind, with heat-resistant technology to prevent motor burnout and extend the life of the shredder.

These machines are heavy, weighing over 100lbs each, but offer effective shredding at all times All of the shredders in this section have specially hardened steel cutting heads, which can take an extensive amount of wear and tear They are long-lasting and will deliver the results you are looking for, no matter the type of shred you need.

In this section, you'll find three main types of heavy-duty shredders The first is strip-cut heavy-duty shredders, which will cut the paper into long strips These shredders are usually either Level 1/P-1 or Level 2/P-2 for security, and so are typically used for information you’d prefer to securely dispose of

If you need to dispose of paperwork containing names, dates of birth, and addresses, you might find that a cross-cut heavy-duty paper shredder is better Working in a similar way to the strip-cut shredders, they will slice the paper across to create smaller pieces For businesses dealing with highly sensitive information such as top secret documents or national security papers, you’ll want to buy a High-Security Level 6/P-7 heavy-duty shredder instead These are the most secure shredders on the market.

Top-rated heavy-duty shredders

At Whitaker Brothers, we take data destruction seriously We hold more than 75 years of industry experience and you’ll find our equipment in 115 countries and on every continent Information security is important to every organization, from commercial to government, and we work with a range of businesses to help them meet their data security needs Our dedicated team is here to help, so if you need advice, call (800) 243 9226 to speak to a professional.

We know how important reputation is, which is why we stock some of the best and most trusted brands in the industry From MBM and Formax to Datastroyer and Intimus, you’ll find an extensive range of top-rated paper shredders to choose from No matter your data destruction needs, there is a shredder for you and your business Simply take a look to find the perfect office equipment now

With our extensive experience, we know how important it is for businesses to receive support after their purchase This is why we created the Whitaker Brothers service center Here you will find information on spare and replacement parts for all of your office equipment and learn how to book a repair engineer to come and fix faulty products Want to ensure your equipment lasts a long time? We offer bespoke service contracts to keep your new heavy-duty paper shredder in top condition.


What is the difference between a standard shredder and a heavy-duty paper shredder?

Standard shredders are not designed with continuous use in mind If your business requires consistent disposal of sensitive documents, you may want to consider buying a heavy-duty shredder instead They have heat-resistant technology to prevent motor burnout and ensure your shredder lasts a long time.

How much does a heavy-duty shredder cost?

As heavy-duty paper shredders can process more pieces of paper at a time, they tend to fall into a higher price bracket Most prices start from under $2,500, ensuring that you get a quality product capable of the high volumes of paper your business needs to process.

What can you shred in a Level 3 shredder?

Shredders come with different security levels, depending on the size of shred they create Level 3/P-4 shredders tend to be used for items such as bank statements, GDPR compliance documents, and HIPAA/PII information Anything that may contain names, dates of birth, or addresses can be disposed of securely in this level of shredder.

Which cutting heads are best for heavy-duty paper shredders?

The cutting head on a heavy-duty shredding machine needs to be hard-wearing and resistant, as these machines typically run for a long time or continuously Because of this, many top brands will use specially hardened steel in the cutting heads to ensure they last a long time.

How do you oil a paper shredder?

In order to extend the life of your shredder and ensure that paper does not get jammed, you’ll need to oil the machine Typically, you will want to add a little oil to the blades and then put the shredder in reverse to ensure an even spread Choose the right shredder oil is essential, as products such as WD 40 can cause the pages to stick together and jam the machine.