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Destroying a hard drive is one of the most effective ways to destroy the data on it and prevent it from being retrieved. There are many methods to accomplish this, but hard drive shredders do all of the hard work for you. With prices starting at just over $10,000 for a HDD shredder meeting E-3 security requirements, you can shred hard drives, smartphones, mini-tablets, and USB drives with ease, so shop the range below.

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Secure hard drive shredding machines

Deleting information from a hard drive is not enough to protect your data It can still be recovered, making your sensitive information vulnerable to hackers and thieves The most effective way to prevent the data from being stolen is to destroy the drive itself Hard drive shredders work by cutting and crushing the drive to make it impossible to recover information from them, and many come with E-3 Security Certification so that you know you are in safe hands.

If you want to ensure the complete destruction of data, you may want to use a degausser alongside a HDD shredding machine Available as degaussing wands or large-scale degaussers, these tools use a strong magnetic force to make the recovery of data impossible Combined with a shredder, hard drives will be broken apart and your data will be protected Alternatively, you can add an extra level of security with cross-cut hard drive shredders, which break the drives down into smaller pieces and make retrieving information more challenging.

Here at Whitaker Brothers, we stock a range of different brands for you to choose from Getting the right hard drive shredder for your business is important We stock well-known brands including Datastroyer, Formax, HSM, and Whitaker Brothers These globally recognized brands deliver the high-security data destruction you need.

Industrial hard drive shredder machines for sale

Whitaker Brothers is globally recognized as leaders within the data destruction community With more than 75 years of experience in the industry, we work to deliver high-security solutions to different businesses We hold both commercial and government contracts to find the perfect data protection and destruction equipment.

When it comes to destroying hard drives, shredders offer an effective solution They cut the hard drive into pieces, making it challenging to retrieve information from the remains Combined with a degausser, it will be impossible for would-be thieves and hackers to access your sensitive data Destroying data on hard drives will ensure that your client's sensitive information is in safe hands.

The Whitaker Brothers’ journey doesn’t end when you’ve bought your new office equipment Instead, we work hard to ensure you are supported in the future Our dedicated team will provide you with factory certifications for all of your equipment We also have a Service Center, providing spare parts, repairs, and even service contracts to suit your business needs Whatever your business needs, Whitaker Brothers is here for you.


How do you shred a hard drive?

The best way to shred a hard drive is to use a HDD shredder These shredders have been designed to destroy hard drives, with toughened blades to break apart the housing for the drive and cut the HDD into small pieces.

Why is it important to shred hard drives?

Deleting the information from a hard drive is not going to prevent the information from being retrieved when the drive has been disposed of Destroying the drive is one of the best ways to achieve this, as it will break the drive apart and make it challenging to retrieve the information.

Is shredding the best way to destroy a hard drive?

Shredding is one of the most effective ways to destroy a hard drive and prevent the information from being retrieved Some may opt to drill the drive but this is not 100% effective If you want to completely prevent the information from being removed, you are best using a degausser before you shred the drive.

What are the different hard drive destruction methods?

There are many different methods for destroying hard drives which include degaussing, shredding, disintegrating, and drilling Degaussing is when a strong magnetic force scrambles the hard drive platter and makes retrieving the data impossible Shredding, disintegrating, and drilling involve destroying the physical hard drive itself and making it difficult to reassemble and retrieve the information.

How much will a HDD shredder cost?

The cost of HDD shredders will vary depending on the brand and the requirements Prices start from just over $10,000 for a HDD shredder that meets E-3 security requirements and is capable of handling SSD drives, smartphones, mobile phones, mini-tablets, and USB sticks.