Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder
Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder Shredders Whitaker Brothers
Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder Shredders Whitaker Brothers
Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder Shredders Whitaker Brothers
Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder Shredders Whitaker Brothers
Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder Shredders Whitaker Brothers
Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder Shredders Whitaker Brothers
Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder Shredders Whitaker Brothers
Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder Shredders Whitaker Brothers

Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder

  • SKU: WHI108-E3
  • NSN: 7490-01-697-2226
  • Throat: 7"
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Features of the Datastroyer® 108 Solid State™ Shredder

  • Single phase drive motor, which can be used in any standard power supply in your office
  • Uses a combination of crushing and cutting power to warrant all memories are destroyed completely
  • Intelligent feeding logic makes it possible to destroy a wide range of devices
  • Automatic start and stop, and iControl operation makes this machine easy to use
  • The only machine available that can destroy your sensitive multimedia items in real time, in the workplace
  • Handles SSD Drives, smartphones, mobile phones, mini-tablets, USB sticks
  • Certifications: Meets E-3 Security Requirements

Satisfies the following industry standards:

  • HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act)
  • FCC
  • GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)
  • DoD Emergency Destruction Guidelines
  • NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitization
  • NIST SP 800-36
  • NIST SP800-88r1
  • California Senate Bill 1386
  • PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)
  • PCI DSS 3.2 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
  • CE Standards

Video of the Datastroyer 108 Solid State™ Shredder

Description of the Datastroyer 108 Solid State™ Shredder

The Datastroyer 108 Solid State, the newest digital media shredder from top of the line destruction company Datastroyer, is changing the game when it comes to digital data destruction. This brand new machine is the first of it’s kind to handle small and medium sized loads of CDs, DVDs, solid state drives, USB sticks, tablets, smartphones, and mobile phones. Along with the ability to use this machine in any standard wall outlet, makes the 108 the perfect machine for in-house shredding and destruction of media devices. Other media destroying devices on the market need a specially housed shredding area to accommodate special requirements and dust and noise issues, but not the 108! To operate this drive destroyer, simply plug in the machine and start shredding! 

The 108 shredder works by using the specially designed claw-like cutting cylinders to pull the digital media through the machine, cutting it into 0.15"w x 0.598"l waste. The machine automatically reverses and re-feeds itself if it senses a jam in the feeding teeth. This feature lets the user do other tasks without having to stand by and watch the machine destroy the media through the whole cycle. The shredder also
comes equipped with iControl settings that let the user operate the machine in real time.  This control comes equipped with six buttons to control the shredder on your own.  The function iControl button lets the user turn the machine on and off, and stop the shredding process at any time. The forward starts the shredding process (even with the safety shield off). The motor overload button will light up in the event of a motor overload or failure.  Catch basket full will let you know when it is time to empty the end waste.  Reverse motor lets the user start backward operation, or if the motor is running, will stop the operation all together. Last, door open/safety glass open will let you know if the floor unit’s door or safety glass is not shut. 
There are two different ways that the 108 digital media shredder operates, depending on the type of media that you are destroying. To shred smaller materials such as USB sticks, CDs and DVDs, push down the metal slot and drop your materials in. They will fall down to the cutting chamber, and the machine will sense the materials and start shredding them. To shred larger cellular phones, smartphones, and tablets, open the safety glass window and drop your materials directly on the cutting chamber, shut the glass and press the forward button on the iControl.  After destroying these devices, the iControl will shut off automatically. The waste is caught in a shred bin located in the cabinet at the bottom of the machine.  The 108 is the only machine that is capable of destroying your digital materials in a safe and reliable way without having to be stored, transported, or removed from your possession for off site shredding.

With an application of up to 100 mobile phones, and 500 USB sticks a day, the 108 is ideal for both government and non-government companies. With dimensions (in inches) of 24" L x 22.6" W and 37.5" H, the 1018 is flexible in terms of where you can position it in the office.  The 108 is certified with DIN standards E-3 / O-3. The throat width is 7 inches, which makes it easy to accommodate many types of digital devices.  The bin volume holds 14 gallons of shredded waste which ensures that you can use the shredder continuously before having to stop and empty the bin too frequently.  This shredder also holds a dB(A) rating of 65, meaning it doesn’t operate much louder than a standard washing machine.

Manufacturer Name Datastroyer by Whitaker Brothers
Security Level DIN 66399 
E-3 / O-3
Cutting Capacity per Hour
100 mobile phones, 500 USB sticks, 1500 CDs, 75-80 SSDs
Throat Width
7 in.
Bin Volume
14 gallons
Noise Level
65 dB(A)
37.5" H x 22.6" W x 24" D
Weight 260 lbs
Safety Standards
Model #
Particle Size
0.15"w x 0.598"l
Acceptable Media
SSDs, USB sticks, smartphones, tablets, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones