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Businesses with high-volumes of data destruction need the best equipment, which is where disintegrators come inAt Whitaker Brothers, we stock a range of high-security disintegrators for you to choose from, with many models meeting or exceeding NSA requirements to ensure that you get the highest quality data destruction. Shop our assortment of Datastroyer disintegrators today.

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High-quality disintegrators from Datastroyer

Datastroyer is recognized as one of the world leaders in data destruction, and our extensive selection of disintegrators means that you will be able to find the ideal equipment for your organization. For paper destruction, the GSA-listed shredders and disintegrators are ideal. Approved for the destruction of paper, keytape, CDs, and DVDs, this machinery operates at a quiet level while still effectively destroying data and keeping information secure.

NSA-listed disintegrators for mixed media give your organization great versatility when it comes to destroying data securely. If your office has outgrown shredders and needs greater volumes of data destruction, a disintegrator is a great option. With prices starting from less than $20,000, this equipment can easily destroy a minimum of 450 lbs per hour, depending on the media. Many of the disintegrators listed come mounted on heavy-duty casters to make relocating the equipment easier.

The range of Datastroyer disintegrators covers all budgets, so no matter the type of equipment you need, you’ll find something perfect for your office. With some machinery capable of handling approximately 2,200 lbs per hour, you can easily destroy a range of media within minutes, ensuring you keep sensitive information secure.

Destroy high volumes of data with disintegrators available now

Whitaker Brothers was established in 1945, giving us over 75 years of experience delivering high-quality data destruction equipment and security solutions across the globe. As industry leaders, we work with commercial and government organizations to find the best data destruction solutions. You can find Whitaker Brothers equipment on every continent and in 115 countries around the world.

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What is a disintegrator?

Disintegrators are one of the most effective and complete ways of destroying multimedia storage, and they prevent information from being found. These machines break the media into smaller pieces, typically between 6mm and 10mm in size, to stop data from being recovered.

How do disintegrators work?

A disintegrator destroys a range of media from hard drives and disks, to paper and cash bills. The media will be fed into the machine, which will then use rotor knives and bed knives to tear up the material. With an internal vacuum system, all of the particles are collected for disposal. 

How much does a disintegrator cost?

The cost of a disintegrator will vary depending on the features you are looking for. Prices start from under $15,000, and can reach just under $100,000 for the highest-quality disintegrators on the market.