Collection: 1000X Series

Sturdy enough to regrind reject components from the injection, blow molding and extrusion processes, the Cumberland A Series 1000X Granulators are designed for efficient beside-the-press operation. The three-knife, open rotor features scooped wings and slant-cut knives, which combine with counter-slanted stationary knives to provide true "scissor" cutting action. With two models to choose from, the 1012 and the 1018, the 1000X series offers a standard motor size of 5 HP.

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These versatile machines can be used with robot feed, conveyor feed, and hand feed applications The sound-attenuated infeed system cuts down on noisy operation The design of the 1000X series promises simple, quick and convenient access for service and cleaning For easy relocation and portability, the 1000X is mounted on durable casters The small footprint allows this granulator to fit into tight spaces With numerous features and possible additions, the Cumberland 1000X series is an ideal resource for any manufacturing process that must regrind scrap plastics on the site