Collection: Security Container Shred Bins

Confidential waste bins, also known as security container shred bins or secure shredding storage, are designed to keep sensitive documents safe prior to shreddingThese bins contain a slot through which documents are slid. When the bin is full, it can then be unlocked and taken for shredding.

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These are the ideal solutions for businesses requiring a high amount of shredding as documents can be secured ahead of time With prices starting under $200, you can secure documents with ease.

Keep documents for shredding secure with confidential waste bins

Designed to fit in with any office decor, security containers and shred bins look similar to other types of waste disposal units The difference is that they are lockable and contain a narrow slot through which sensitive documents can be slid This makes the information secure, as the bin itself can only be opened by those with the key or the passcode For businesses taking security seriously, this is the most effective way to keep documents safe ahead of shredding.

This is especially useful in businesses where shredding is required across multiple departments By adding confidential waste bins in every department, your teams can add documents for shredding and keep them secure

These bins can then be emptied and taken for shredding as often as needed, ensuring that sensitive information isn’t at risk It also will help your organization save on costs, as you can opt for a heavy-duty industrial shredder and secure shredder storage on each floor to maximize productivity.

We stock a variety of well-known and trusted brands, including HSM and Witt, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best shredder security you can find With replacement keys and bags available, it is easier than ever to secure your sensitive information prior to shredding

Our range of storage bins includes lockable consoles and bin carts Lockable consoles fit easily into your office while bin carts can be moved around wherever they are needed.


Secure shredding storage 

With over 75 years of experience within data destruction and information security solutions, we here at Whitaker Brothers take pride in delivering the highest quality equipment your business needs From high-security shredders for government and financial institutions to a variety of office supplies, you’ll find everything you need in one place

We have both GSA and NSA Listed Products for your convenience, making it easy to get the equipment your organization desires.

Our experienced team is on hand to offer assistance Discuss your needs with the team to find out about the best solution for your business needs or to arrange additional support

Your experience with Whitaker Brothers doesn’t end once you’ve made your purchase In our Service Center, you can arrange spare and replacement parts, repair technician visits, or even a service contract to suit your organizational needs.

With over 30 manufacturers providing factory certifications of our products, you know that your equipment will last as long as you need it to We stock equipment across the United States as well as globally You’ll find Whitaker Brothers equipment in 115 countries and on every continent Take your business security seriously with secure shredding storage available now.



What are security container shred bins?

Security container shred bins are units in which sensitive documents are stored prior to shredding For businesses using external shredding solutions or with limited shredding capabilities, storing the documents in a lockable unit keeps the information secure until it is shredded and destroyed.

Why do documents for shredding need secure storage?

Dedicating space to secure documents ahead of shredding ensures that you are taking data security seriously Without this, the information could become compromised Lockable units such as secure storage for shredders prevent this from happening.

Why use secure shredding storage instead of a storage bin?

Businesses may be tempted to use a storage bin instead of a secure shredding storage unit However, storage bins are often not lockable, meaning that anyone can access the data inside with ease Secure shredding storage is not only lockable but also has a narrow gap through which documents are posted, ensuring limited access.

What size confidential waste bin does your business need?

If you do not need to shred information regularly, a 7-gallon confidential waste bin should suit your business needs However, if your organization requires regular shredding, 64 or even 95-gallon shred bin carts may be better suited to your needs.

How much are confidential waste bins?

Confidential waste bins vary in price depending on how much storage you need Prices typically start under $200, with the vast majority of storage bins costing less than $400.