Collection: Security Containers Shred Bins

Just as important as shredding documents is how they are stored before they are shredded.  Whether it’s once a week or once a day, a shred bin will keep your confidential papers locked and secured until they are shredded.  Limited space? No problem, check out our Shredinator line, they are portable, lightweight and available in sizes compact enough to fit in any work area. Have a large office? Why not buy one for every department?  Call Whitaker Brothers today and ask about our full line of security containers and shred bins by HSM, AllSource and Witt.

*Specifically regarding Security Containers and Shred Bins:  Signing a delivery ticket means that you own the equipment in exactly the condition it was delivered in. If you see any damage to the packaging or to the equipment inside then please note it on the ticket before signing; if the damage is extensive then refuse the delivery entirely.
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We will use our shipping insurance to replace or fix your merchandise quickly and painlessly If something is damaged in transit and you sign for it free-and-clear, you have voided our insurance and the options for a remedy become much more limited.