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Pressure sealers, also known as paper sealing machines, take ordinary pieces of paper and turn them into compact, sealed envelopes. For businesses with a lot of mail to process, these machines can save the cost of purchasing paper envelopes and greatly improve productivity. Whitaker Brothers stock a range of pressure seal machines that fold and seal thousands of papers every hour.

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Pressure seal machines for all businesses

For many organizations, pressure sealers enable them to streamline operations and improve productivity With programmable settings for the most common types of documents such as paychecks, statements, and invoices, your team can effectively process paper and turn it into the required envelope size for your business

Prices start from under $2,500 for a paper sealing machine capable of processing up to 3,000 forms per hour in 4 different fold settings.

Businesses around the world want to choose brands they trust when buying pressure sealers, which is why we stock such an extensive range at Whitaker Brothers MBM is a recognized global leader, offering high-quality office equipment for all types of organizations

Choose from the ES2500, ES5500, or ES8500 today Looking for a different name? We also stock Formax, Martin Yale, and Paitec.

With everything from desktop pressure sealers to heavy-duty paper sealing machines, we have everything you need to vastly improve your productivity and save on the cost of envelopes

Many of the freestanding folding and pressure sealing machines include offers of free training to ensure that your team can get started with the equipment immediately Shop the range today to find the perfect machine for your business.

Paper sealer and folding machines available now

At Whitaker Brothers, we are proud to be recognized as a global leader in the delivery of high-security data protection equipment around the world We also offer numerous office equipment to improve productivity, cut costs, and ensure your team can focus on the more important things while automating more mundane tasks

Our 75+ years of experience have allowed us to work with both commercial and governmental contracts to deliver exceptional services.

No matter the type of paper sealer your organization needs, we can help From industry freestanding machines to desktop pressure sealers, you’ll find everything you need here at Whitaker Brothers Simply choose the machine you want or call today on (800) 243 9226 to speak to our dedicated and professional team

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How do pressure sealers work?

Pressure sealers work differently from several other sealing machines Instead of using liquid or heat to create a seal, the machine will instead use pressure to seal the paper together Many can be programmed to offer different folds to ensure your business gets the result you are looking for.

What is a pressure sealing machine?

A pressure sealing machine is a piece of office equipment that will fold and then seal a piece of paper, often into an envelope They use ordinary pieces of paper, which can save mail-heavy businesses the cost of purchasing envelopes.

What can you use a paper sealer for?

Paper sealers offer a variety of uses, though most commonly they will be used to seal invoices, paychecks, and statements With a programmable paper sealer, your team can simply select the type of paper and seal that they need with ease.

What type of pressure sealer does a business need?

Depending on how reliant your business is on mail, you may not require an industry-standard pressure sealer Many of the best pressure sealers on the market are designed to fit on a desktop, making it easy to integrate into your workplace If your business has a high mail turnover, you may wish to consider a freestanding or industrial machine instead.