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Manual paper folding machines are designed to improve productivity in your office by making the paper folding process more efficient. Easy to use, your staff can begin working with a manual paper folder without intensive training, saving you time.

Whether you need a paper folder for occasional use or you have intensive folding needs, you’ll find the right machine for you.

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    Max Paper Wt: 105.35 g/m²
    Max Paper Size: 8.5" x 14"
    Adjustment: Manual
    Feed Type: Friction
    Multi Sheet: No
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At Whitaker Brothers, we stock a range of the best brands in the industry, offering you the vital office equipment you need at competitive prices.

Office manual paper folding tools

Businesses processing a lot of documentation may find that a paper folding tool gives them an advantage It helps process paper quickly, folding it into the right shape for posting or for storing Capable of numerous folds from half-folds to 4-panel accordion folds, you can drastically reduce the amount of time spent on mundane tasks Whether you work in a governmental department, a commercial office, or a school, a manual paper folder can drive productivity and efficiency.

Whitaker Brothers stock different types of manual paper folding machines The first is friction feed folders, which are perfect for the industry due to their simplistic design The rubber feed tires will manually pull the paper into the machine ready for folding However, not all types of paper are suitable for use with a friction feed paper folder In those circumstances, air feed folders are a better choice, working well with glossy paper and card stock.

With a variety of brands to choose from, you will find the perfect choice for your organization Prices of manual paper folding machines from Whitaker Brothers start from just over $300, allowing you to improve operations easily We stock well-known brands such as Martin Yale and MBM, as well as Formax, FP and Baum Each of the manual paper folding machines from these manufacturers will help you to transform your workplace without adding another noisy machine, helping you to cultivate the positive working environment your business is known for.


Manual paper folders for improved efficiency

With over 75 years of expertise in the industry, Whitaker Brothers are here to help your business continue to grow Our range of office machines will improve your efficiency and ensure that your workforce spends its time on more important tasks Whether you need paper folding machines or you are looking for high-security data destruction equipment, we have the tools you need.

Our extensive experience since 1945 has been used with a number of different organizations We hold commercial and government contracts, allowing us to work with small and large organizations worldwide You’ll find Whitaker Brothers equipment in 115 countries, and we are proud of the reputation we have built for providing high-quality solutions at competitive rates We check our prices to ensure you get the best deal.

If your business needs regular servicing for your equipment, Whitaker Brothers can help Our service center is open You can discuss the spare or replacement parts you need for your equipment or discuss servicing and maintenance contracts to ensure your organization is never let down by the equipment

Noticed a problem with your equipment? You can use the service center to book a technician to repair your equipment We are here to help and are proud of the continued services we offer to all our customers.



What are manual paper folding machines?

Manual paper folding machines are used to fold large quantities of paper quickly and more efficiently than doing so by hand For paper-reliant businesses, they allow your staff to streamline processes and ensure that their time is spent on the more critical tasks Paper folding machines are capable of creating a number of different folds, depending on your business needs.


How to choose a paper folding machine?

When considering which paper folding machine you want to purchase for your organization, it is important to consider a few different factors First, how much paper will you be processing and how often? Second, what type of fold are you looking for? Third, what type of paper will you be folding? Some machines are designed for simplicity and sporadic use, while others are better suited for paper-heavy environments or specialized applications.


How does a manual paper folder machine work?

The manual paper folder will pull the paper into the machine, either by friction feed or air feed The paper will then be folded according to the preset folds, before being processed out the other side of the machine They are easy to operate and straightforward to use, requiring minimal training.


How much does a manual paper folder cost?

Manual paper folders start from as little as $300, depending on the make, model, and specifications These paper folders are best suited for organizations where paper folding is not a vital part of operations but are still essential for improving productivity.


How should I maintain my manual paper folder?

Ensuring the paper folder is clean is one of the key ways to ensure it continues to operate smoothly This will help to prevent paper jams and ensure no difficulties when using the machine Careful and regular maintenance will help to extend the life of your paper folder dramatically.