Collection: Mailroom Equipment

We offer a comprehensive selection of industry-leading mailroom equipment to help improve the efficiency of your mailing processes. This includes high-quality letter openers, accurate postage meters and automated folder-inserters. We also offer high-security paper shredders to protect confidential and sensitive data, and mail scanners to protect against postal terrorism threats.

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With trusted brands including Martin Yale and Omation, optimize your mailroom with letter openers, labelers, postage meters, and more.

Mail Sorting Equipment For Organising and Streamlining Your Office

Mailrooms can be extremely chaotic However, with Whitaker Brothers' mailroom equipment, you can transform your mailroom into a manageable, efficient, and orderly environment as our stock is designed to make your job a little easier.

Declutter Your Mailroom with High-Quality Office Supplies and Mailroom Equipment

Whitaker Brothers has over 75 years of industry expertise and are eager to help your business thrive Our office equipment will increase productivity and allow your personnel to focus on more important tasks We have the tools you require, whether they be paper folding machines or high-security data destruction devices.

As industry leaders, we take pride in the services we provide In our Service Center, we provide everything from replacement parts to maintenance contracts to keep your equipment working smoothly Whitaker Brothers equipment is all factory-approved, so you can be certain that it will last as long as you need it.


What are manual paper folding machines?

Manual paper folding machines are used to fold large quantities of paper quickly and more efficiently than doing so by hand For paper-reliant businesses, they allow your staff to streamline processes and ensure that their time is spent on the more critical tasks Paper folding machines are capable of creating a number of different folds, depending on your business needs.


What is an automatic letter opener?

An automatic letter opener is in charge of handling, opening, and arranging mail for distribution within your company The mail opening machine will accurately cut each envelope to protect the paperwork contained therein Each letter will be split open with a precise blade so that interior mail may be disseminated.


What is the difference between automatic and manual letter openers?

The operator of a manual letter opener slides each piece of mail through the slot housing the cutting blade The letter will then be opened An automated letter opener will sort the mail as it passes through the slot before depositing it on the other side.


Shop By Machine Type

  • Postage Meters: With hi-tech programming features, these machines are sure to accurately print your postage labels quickly.
  • Letter Openers: Letter openers are ready to open tons of mail at maximum efficiency, freeing up presonnel to do other tasks.
  • Address Printers: This selection of address printing machines are sure to make mailing an extremely efficient process.
  • Tabbing and Labeling Machines: These machines allow for a quick, efficient affixing of a label to a letter or envelope.
  • Envelope Sealing Machines: Our top-notch envelope sealer is ready to automate your office mailing system.
  • Mailroom Supplies: A selection of postage meter supplies to keep productivity at 100%.
  • Mailing Software: These software solutions hold tons of information, improving accuracy in mailrooms.
  • Shipping and Tracking: Make your shipping easy and efficient with these program solutions.
  • Mail Isolation Systems: These improve employee safety and prevent costly loss of productivity due to contaminated mail incidents.