Powdersafe PS 400-2 Contaminated Mail Isolation System

Powdersafe PS 400-2 Contaminated Mail Isolation System

  • Easily incorporated into the routine opening of office mail
  • Evidence can be preserved for investigators
  • Lightweight, ergonomic designed and non-allergenic gloves make it user-friendly
  • Compliments scanners and x-rays
  • Dimensions: 27.34'' L x 22.65'' D x 21.47'' H (transport case)
  • Total weight: 70 lbs.

The glovebox safety equipment perfect for protecting your office from mail based threats.

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SKU: COSPS4002 ISBN: 096224653542
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If your office or agency is at risk from possible terrorist or criminal attacks via incoming mail, then the Powdersafe PS-4002 Mail Isolation System can help provide employee safety and prevent costly loss of productivity due to a contaminated mail incident.  

The item is placed into the Powdersafe isolation chamber and opened in clear view of the user. The isolation chamber is certified gastight, easy to use and is compatible with category one and two biological safety cabinets used in laboratories worldwide, which rely on similar glove box systems when dealing with contaminants. The isolation chamber has two ports which allow testing authorities to insert probes in order to sample the contents without having to open the main seal. The isolation chamber comes with two letter openers with recessed blades that cannot accidentally cut the gloves. The chamber does not require power to operate, has a simple locking mechanism and does not require artificial lighting. If the mail contains a substance, the Powdersafe isolation chamber is then placed in the Powdersafe transportation case and is ready for removal. The wheeled transport case allows authorities to safely remove the suspect item from the workplace and take it to testing facility.

The transport case containing the isolation chamber provides triple wall, triple seal containment between the unknown contaminant and the outside environment. This combination of isolation chamber and transport case is designed to meet transport regulations for the transport of potentially hazardous material. The color is highly visible and the retractable handle and wheels make it easy to maneuver. This glovebox is the perfect safety equipment for the office environment -- safe, but portable and compact enough to fit in anywhere.

Manufacturer Name Whitaker Brothers
Model # 400-2
Depth 22.65'' (transport case)
Width 27.35'' (transport case)
Weight 70 lbs.
Height 21.47'' (transport case)
Shipping Weight 70.0000
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