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Paper folding machines are designed to increase productivity and efficiency in your office. These machines are highly functional and compact and can be used in a variety of different ways.

Here at Whitaker Brothers, we stock paper folders, pressure sealers, paper cutters, and folder inserters to make every paper-related job easier. The range of automatic folding machines and manual machines work quietly so your office can continue running without any disruption.

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Easily fold paper ready for use or transform ordinary paper into sealed envelopes with the best paper folding machines.

Office folding machines for paper

Paper folding machines are the perfect way to transform your office and reduce the time spent on mundane tasks Essential in speeding up productivity in offices, schools, and churches, paper folder machines cover different paper types and designs, from manual to automatic paper folders Simply program the type of paper fold you need and the machine will do the rest for you, allowing you to focus on other tasks Whether you need a small and light-duty paper folding machine or a large, high-volume, automatic paper folder, we have everything you need for your business.

Envelope folding machines offer a cost-effective way to turn pieces of paper into compact, sealed envelopes The Whitaker Brothers' range of pressure sealers eliminates the cost of paper envelopes for your business, with some models capable of folding and sealing thousands of papers every hour Make processing and sending documents including paychecks, invoices, and statements easier with letter folding machines and pressure sealers.

Take your office operations to the next level with folder inserters Envelope stuffing machines enable you to streamline your processes, folding, stuffing, and sealing envelopes ready to send Compact and quiet, these letter folding and stuffing machines are programmable for a variety of applications, making them a valuable asset to your office Save valuable time and money by investing in mail-folding machines today.


Paper folding machines for sale

Established in 1945, Whitaker Brothers has been in business for over 75 years The extensive range of sheet folding machines available is perfect for personal, commercial, and military use As industry leaders, we know how important it is to streamline operations and make processes more efficient for your staff Document folding machines do just that, eliminating the more mundane tasks to improve productivity across all departments.

As one of the most tenured and well-trained staff in the United States, we can keep your paper folding machine running smoothly We stock a variety of paper folding machine brands including Duplo, Formax, FP, Martin Yale, MBM, Paitec, and Standard, with factory certifications available to guarantee your product Whitaker Brothers offer professional repairs, full customization of products, and warranty support Our service centre is open, whether you need a part, a repair, or a service contract.

No matter your needs, our experienced sales team is on hand to answer your questions We are ready to help you choose the right paper folding machine for your business and to tell you more about the products Contact Whitaker Brothers today with your questions to take advantage of the industry expertise we have built up over 75 years.



What are paper folding machines?

Paper folding machines are machines designed to fold paper to meet specified requirements such as dimensions and folding layouts Used in commercial applications to increase productivity and streamline processes, they offer both manual and automated solutions to staff They are compact and quiet, making them ideal for use within any work environment.

Some of the most common fold types produced by paper folding machines are: 

  • Letter fold (also known as a "C-fold” or “Tri-fold”) 
  • Half fold (also known as a "Single-fold") 
  • Z-fold (also known as an "Accordion" or “Zig Zag”) 
  • Gate fold (also known as an "Open Gate" or “Brochure”) 
  • Double-Parallel fold
  • Engineering fold (also known as “Short-Z”, “Fold Out” or “Half Accordion”)
  • Church fold (also known as “Right Angle fold”)

How do paper folding machines work?

The way that sheet folding machines work will depend on the type, design, and manufacturing For the most part, the machine will use wheels, rollers or air to take in the paper one sheet at a time Plates inside of the machine will then pull the sheet forward and backward to position it correctly for folding Once in position, a blade will create the fold in the paper before feeding the paper out of the machine.


How do you use a paper folder machine correctly?

As with any type of paper machine, it is important to follow manufacturer instructions to ensure the product is not damaged If the machine requires you to manually feed in paper one sheet at a time, doing so will prevent the machine from becoming jammed Should you encounter any problems it is important to stop using the machine to prevent further damage.


How do you repair paper folding machines?

Instruction manuals include tips and advice on ensuring your machine continues to function at 100% Should you encounter any problems, the troubleshooting guide will provide you with the steps to follow to resolve the issue If that does not work, you may need to arrange for a repair technician to fix the machine Please give us a call at (800) 243-9226 with any questions.


How much is a paper folder?

Paper folders can vary in price depending on the manufacturer, the capabilities of the machine, and the requirements of the user For smaller paper folders, it may cost as little as $200 for a high-quality product, while industrial machines for heavy use could cost more Consider your business needs when shopping for a paper folder to ensure you get the right machine for you.