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Multimedia shredders are some of the most popular data destruction solutions for busy environments. Whether you are a government or commercial organization, a combination shredder can satisfy all your needs. Effectively destroy paper, CDs, and DVDs with prices starting from just over $1,500.

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Choosing your multimedia shredder

Multimedia shredders are capable of shredding and destroying a variety of media, from paper to optical media and more. Many are designed to easily transition between shredding paper to destroying CDs and DVDs. These combo shredders are ideal for workplaces with numerous data destruction needs, as they can save money rather than buying multiple shredders.

One of the most common multimedia shredders is the cross-cut multimedia shredder. These shredders achieve Level 3/P-4 and Level 4/P-5 security, breaking down media into strips before cutting it into shorter sections. This makes it more challenging to reconstruct paper, or retrieve information from DVDs and CDs.

If your business has greater security needs, high-security multimedia shredders are ideal. All of these combo shredders meet or exceed NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 for high-security cross-cut paper shredders, as well as NSA/CSS Specification 04-02 for CD/DVD destruction. Many also feature separate feed openings and automatic oiling to prevent jams.

At Whitaker Brothers, we stock both GSA-listed multimedia destruction devices and NSA-listed CD/DVD combo shredders. You can get GSA pricing and be safe in knowing that your new multimedia shredder will meet your security requirements.

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What can multimedia shredders destroy?

Multimedia shredders are designed to effectively destroy paper, CDs, DVDs, and more. Some can process hard drives as well, allowing your business to keep sensitive information safe and secure.

What are the different security levels of multimedia destruction?

Multimedia destruction devices, such as shredders, typically deliver one of three levels of security, which are Level 3/P-4, Level 4/P-5, and Level 6/P-7 high-security. Level 3/P-4 is often used for bank statements, unclassified documents, and similar items. Level 4/P-5 is ideal for social security numbers, medical information, and business financials. For businesses dealing with national security documents and top-secret information, Level 6/P-7 is essential.