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Getting the most out of your new office equipment requires maintaining the machine and periodically replacing parts as required. Here at Whitaker Brothers, we stock a variety of supplies, parts and accessories for your equipment, from spare cutting blades and shredder oil to ink cartridges and disintegrator supplies. Enhance and improve your machinery with the right equipment.

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Paper cutter supplies and accessories

Not all knives and sticks for cutters are the same. They are designed to fit specific brands and devices, which can make it a challenge to find the right part. The Whitaker Brothers knife and stick finder will help you find the right model for your machine. Simply select your paper cutter model to find the knives, sticks, bulbs, and more to fit.

As suppliers of shredders and other data destruction equipment, we have everything you need to keep your equipment and business running smoothly. Whitaker Brothers supplies and parts are compatible with a wide range of machinery. You can buy gallon cases of shredder oil to keep the blades on your shredder lubricated, ensuring that you get a clear cut every time. This also prevents the blades from dulling, extending the life of your machine.

Whether you need oil, shredder bags, evacuation systems, cutting knives, or more, you can choose the right finishing touches to complete the package.

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Established in 1945, Whitaker Brothers has more than 75 years of experience. We offer the office equipment you need to keep your organization running smoothly, from data destruction machinery to paper handling and finishing equipment designed to improve productivity. The range of available supplies means you can extend the life of your machinery and get the best results every time.

Our Service Center is designed to provide continued support even after your purchase. Here you will be able to request parts, discuss service contracts, or even arrange for a service technician to repair your equipment. It is the best way to ensure your office machinery continues to operate well and without failure.

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What kind of oil should you use on a paper shredder?

Shredder oil, which has specifically been designed for use with shredders, is the best option to prevent dust buildup inside of the cutting assembly and to ensure the blades remain sharp throughout use. While it may be tempting to use any aerosol lubricant, you shouldn’t. They can damage the machine or cause paper jams.

What does shredder oil do?

Shredder oil lubricates the cutting blades inside the shredder to minimize the amount of paper dust building up throughout the shredding process. It also helps to keep the blades sharp, meaning that you will not have to replace them as frequently.

Why should you use shredder bags?

The waste bins in shredders are designed to hold the shredded paper until disposal. However, retrieving the pieces from this bin can be challenging and time-consuming. It helps to use a shredder bag, as this not only distinguishes the shredded waste from other waste, but also keeps everything securely together.

How often should you replace a cutter blade?

You should replace your cutting blade if you notice that it has become dull or damaged. How often you’ll need to replace the blade will depend on the frequency of use and the materials being cut. For example, a machine used daily may require replacement within a few weeks.

How do you choose the right ink for your postage meter?

Ink ribbons and rollers often fit specific machines, so knowing the machine you’ll be changing the ink for can help. Simply search on our website for the brand and model to find compatible supplies and parts, or use the bag, stick & knife and parts finder to get the perfect match.