Collection: Shredder Bags

Haven't given much thought to the bag that goes in your shredder? The shredder bag is never a show-stopper, but it does put in its share of the grunt work that keeps your office running smoothly . No matter how impressive the paper shredder, shredded materials still depend on a high-quality bag to move them from machine to dumpster. If you use a trash bag or similar sub-par container for collecting the shred, there is always the risk of tearing.
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This leads to a mess in the very least, and a security breach if you've been using a cross cut shredder for sensitive files Whitaker Brothers shredder bags are custom-made for us out of extra-thick (2 to 4 mm) clear plastic This ensures that the bag will remain intact and all contents can be seen! You're already investing in a powerful piece of machinery, don't make the mistake of cutting corners with its supplies.