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Phiston’s line of MediaVise destroyers demolish hard drives, cell phones, and PDAs to prevent security breaches and information theft. Whereas conventional methods of piercing or folding leaves recoverable data from undamaged surfaces, Phiston’s patented machines completely destroy solid state drives in an easy to use, hands free process. Phiston has extensive experience with federal agencies and the private sector, providing solutions and technological approaches to energy, environmental sustainability, and information technology.
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Phiston’s hard drive crushers are fully automated with high-grade blades and plates to optimize data destruction and protect intellectual property Phiston has a concentrated family of destroyers, including the MediaVice SSD, MediaVise, MediaVise Compact, and the MediaDice MediaVise maintains the most powerful SSD destroyer available and renders information unrecoverable The MediaVise Compact is NSA approved with a rating of 90 one-inch hard drives per hour These hassle-free destroyers consider user safety, allow easy debris collection and an easy automated process that crushes, warps, and mangles all memory chips in hard drives for maximum protection Hard drive destruction is easily achieved and maintained.