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Protecting sensitive information and data is essential in any business . As leaders in high-security destructive equipment, Whitaker Brothers has an extensive range of paper shredders for all security levels, from Level 1/P-1 to Level 6/P-7 High Security.

These commercial devices have been evaluated by the NSA to meet or exceed government security requirements so you know that all sensitive information is safely and securely destroyed.

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With both high-security paper shredders and cross-cut paper shredders available, you’ll find the perfect shredding solution below.


Paper shredders: cross-cut and high-security

Your business deserves the best security, which is where high-security paper shredders come in These heavy-duty shredders are Level 6/P-7 High Security graded and most have been evaluated by the NSA to meet or exceed NSA/CSS specifications, so you know that your data is in safe hands With a variety of features included, such as SPS (Safety Protection System) to keep the user safe when operating the machine and ESM (Energy Saving Mode) to turn off the shredder after inactivity, they are perfect for government offices, healthcare facilities, accounting firms, and other commercial use.

Cross-cut shredders are some of the most popular types of shredders, taking shredding to another level Cross-cut shredding machines shred the paper into cross-sections, making it more challenging to put back together and giving a secure solution to shredding information Capable of processing numerous pages at a time, they blend security and speed to give your organization the best shredding experience.

Strip-cut will divide the paper into long strips lengthwise, which is not the most secure solution If you want to keep sensitive data safe, a cross-cut or micro-cut shredder offers the best protection. 

Whether you need a cross-cut paper shredder or a high-security shredder, we stock the best brands to make finding the right solution for your business easy We stock MBM, HSM, Intimus, Fellowes, Formax, Datastroyer, and our own Whitaker Brothers shredders as well as other popular brands.


Commercial shredders for government-level destruction

Whitaker Brothers was established in 1945, and with over 75 years of expertise, we know what it takes for businesses to keep secure information private and destroy it correctly We work with a range of businesses and industries from commercial to military, with a range of commercial shredders available to deliver government-level destruction and data security Our micro-cut and cross-cut shredders cover all security levels from Level 1/P-1 to Level 6/P-7 High Security to keep your data secure, many of which have been evaluated by the NSA to meet or exceed government security standards.

With our experienced and dedicated staff, we are on hand to answer any questions you may have and to keep your paper shredders working at 100% We have factory certifications from over 30 manufacturers and can help you replace a part or repair your shredder Visit our Service Center for more information or to book your technician appointment, or call us at (800) 243-9226.

Got questions about the right paper shredder oil for your machine? We are here to help Whether you need to discuss a commercial contract or you simply want to find the right cross-cut high-security shredder for your business, our team can answer your questions Contact Whitaker Brothers today to take advantage of our 75+ years of industry expertise.


How much is a paper shredder?

How much a paper shredder will cost you and your business will depend on the security level, the type of shredding, and the manufacturer Paper shredders tend to come in at a lower cost than other material shredders and are often designed to take multiple sheets of paper at a time At Whitaker Brothers, our shredders start from as little as $99.


How do you unjam a paper shredder?

Most paper shredders are designed to be able to fix paper jams themselves First of all, empty the wastebasket and put the shredder in reverse This can remove the blockade If your shredder is still jammed, unplug the machine and remove the top shredding section Use tweezers to remove any jammed strands of paper from the blades before adding shredder oil to lubricate the blades Use a singular sheet of paper to check that the jam is cleared.


How do you lubricate a paper shredder?

Lubricating your shredder is essential to maintain the machine and prevent jamming Start by turning off the machine and then applying lubricating oil to the top of the blades Next, you should switch the shredder on and put it in reverse to ensure the even distribution of the oil Feed a sheet or two of paper into the machine to absorb any excess oil and it should be ready to use.


What is the difference between a strip-cut and a cross-cut paper shredder?

Strip-cut paper shredders will cut the paper into long strips lengthways This is considered to be the least secure method of shredding, as the pieces can easily be placed together Cross-cut paper shredders offer a more secure solution by cutting the lengthways strips across, creating smaller pieces.


What are the different security levels for shredders?

Depending on the industry you are in and the information you are disposing of, you will need different shredder security levels Level 1/P-1 is ideal for companies needing to dispose of consumer credit card information, as required by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) Most of the paper shredders stocked by Whitaker Brothers are either Level 3/P-4 or Level 6/P-7, which is the highest security level and perfect for government shredding.

We’ve made a handy paper shredder security level chart that will be helpful in better understanding this topic.