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Paper jogging machines are an essential document-handling tool for businesses that perform high-volume folding, inserting and bookbindingUsing a motorized vibrating mechanism, our premium-grade paper joggers eliminate static electricity, distribute heat, and remove excess toner. Their revolutionary air-feed technology drives air between sheets to reduce jogging time, prevent debris accumulation, and rapidly dry the sheets to minimize offset.

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Paper joggers are used to align bills, mailers, and invoices in preparation for mailing, folding, inserting, and opening They are necessary for quick, efficient, and successful paper management, as they eliminate time-consuming misfeeds, shredding, and machine malfunction To maximize office efficiency, invest in high-quality paper jogging solutions today.

Our strong and adaptable paper jogging machines are compatible with a variety of paper sizes, including postcards, standard letters, legal letters and A4 documents From schools and commercial offices to manufacturing facilities, our line is designed to deliver the precise results required in printing production operations We have a variety of options, including small tabletop devices and large freestanding units Shop now for a perfectly jogged paper stack that can be processed accurately.

Paper Joggers that Promise Accuracy and Efficiency

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What is a paper jogger?

Paper joggers use high-speed vibration to align stacks of paper or print media for punching, binding, folding, collating, and/or cutting They vibrate the stack of paper to make sure the edges are even, preventing jams and misalignments during the subsequent processing steps They are an excellent instrument for eradicating static electricity and aligning paper edges for perfect assembly. 


Why should I invest in a paper jogger?

Static electricity can readily accumulate, making it difficult to separate paper sheets This issue, however, may be solved by utilizing a jogger that releases pressurized air, which reduces static and simplifies processing.